Street Legal

Norwegian classic rockers Street Legal began coming together in the late '90s under the leadership of vocalist Bjorn Boge, whose primary influences can be pinpointed to the early-'80s styles of '70s survivors like Thin Lizzy and Whitesnake. Together with guitarist Ken Ingwersen and drummer Bjorn Olav Bol Lauvdal, Boge recorded Street Legal's debut album, Thunderdome, in 2000, to some critical acclaim; but subsequent personal issues and professional setbacks for all involved wound up placing the band on ice for nearly a decade. Finally, Boge and his percussionist brother Øystein managed to revive the group and laboriously recorded a sophomore album entitled Bite the Bullet with help from session guitarists Tore Ostby (ex-Ark,Conception) and Rolf Bjorseth, then released it through Frontiers Records in 2009. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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