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Count folk-pop duo the MacDonald Bros. among the myriad young acts launched to fame via the reality TV phenomenon of the early 21st century. Siblings Brian and Craig MacDonald were born and raised in Ayr, Scotland. They began harmonizing as toddlers, and in high school collaborated in a Queen cover band dubbed Cobra. While older brother Craig later worked as a bank teller, Brian toiled as a bedding salesman. At night, they moonlighted at a local golf club Brunston Castle, singing at weddings and other society functions. In 2006 the MacDonalds auditioned for the U.K. television amateur showcase The X Factor, entering the semifinal round despite regularly running afoul of judge Simon Cowell. Scots rallied behind their countrymen in record numbers, however, and Brunston Castle members and staffers alone cast more than 2,000 votes per week on their behalf. Although the MacDonald Bros. were voted off The X Factor with only two episodes remaining, they later toured alongside fellow series veterans in an alumni package tour. A supporting stint with Westlife preceded the spring 2007 release of the siblings' self-titled debut album, issued via indie label The Music Kitchen. ~ Jason Ankeny

    Ayr, Scotland

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