Wai-Tung Gao has made it in America – a sizeable bank account from shrewd real estate investments, a beautiful brownstone in Manhattan which he shares with his white lover Simon, citizenship, and ten thousand miles between himself and his parents in Taiwan, parents who are wondering why he hasn’t yet gotten married.
Simon senses the underlying tension that nags at Wai-Tung each time he has to deal with his elderly parents’ pleas from abroad, and proposes a solution: marry Wei-Wei, a cute young Chinese artist who’s been illegally subletting one of Wei-Tung’s Soho apartments. She’s behind in her rent, more than a little flirtatious with Wai-Tung and desperate for a green card. A deal is struck, and Wei-Wei moves in while she and Wai-Tung study each other for the inevitable immigration interviews.
Little did Wai-Tung think that his parents would get it into their heads to fly to America for the wedding…

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