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Portland's Supernaut were formed in late 2004 by vocalist/guitarist Scott Chapin, a few years after the dissolution of his previous band, the Daylights, who were together seven years and found minor MTV success. He hooked up first with drummer Mike "Basil" Ternyik (ex-Sweaty Nipples) and, after a few rehearsals together, began the hunt to round out the rest of Supernaut's lineup. (Chapin is a huge Black Sabbath fan, hence naming the group after one of Sabbath's classic songs.) Bassist Mike Lee, formerly of San Francisco's Ones & Zeroes, was brought on board; they later added second guitarist Ryan Schmidt, a veteran of regional favorites Molly Cliff and the Film. Both Ternyik and Schmidt had also spent time with Chapin in the Daylights.

The live unveiling of the band's signature "full-contact rock" was in October 2004, and Supernaut signed to Portland-based In Music We Trust soon afterwards. Their hard-hitting debut EP, Livid, Vol. 1, was released in early 2005, on which Chapin handled all the guitar parts, as it was recorded prior to the addition of Schmidt. The EP focused the raw intensity of their live show into six Pabst-soaked tracks of hard rock power, pop hooks, and punk grit. Tour dates around the Pacific Northwest followed, and various songs found regional radio airplay throughout the year. Lee parted ways with Supernaut that October, and was replaced on bass by Jason Locher (Fuckpriest Fantastic, Dirtclodfight). The full-length album Burning Through the Motions appeared next in January 2007. ~ Corey Apar

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