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Castro 2

Autor: Supertop

Ta aplikacja jest dostępna tylko w sklepie App Store dla urządzeń iOS.


Castro lets you track lots of podcasts at once without getting overwhelmed. Here’s how it works:

1) Newly published episodes land in the INBOX. From here, you can read the descriptions, decide if you’re interested, queue the good ones and archive the rest.

2) The QUEUE is a central playlist to plan your listening in advance. Queued episodes are automatically downloaded.

3) Press Play. Castro plays your queue in order from top to bottom. Reorder or archive queued episodes anytime.

4) In the ARCHIVE you can find the back catalogue of all shows you subscribe to, browse your listening history, and easily access your starred episodes

We call this “Triage”. Triage lets you expand your listening habits without getting overwhelmed. With Castro, subscribing to a podcast doesn’t mean making a commitment to listen to every episode. You don’t have to choose a narrow few shows and miss out on the rest.

Castro provides the top charts by genre so you can browse popular shows easily. Tap search to easily find shows you know or hear about.

Personal recommendations from friends are another great way to find new shows. Castro users can easily share direct links to specific episodes. Tapping a Castro link will open the episode in the app, where you can queue it right away without subscribing to the entire podcast. If your friends don't have Castro yet, a beautiful web interface lets them play the episode from a browser.

The Castro iMessage App makes sharing even easier.
- Easily share recently played episodes with your friends and family
- When you receive a recommendation from someone else add it to your queue without leaving the Messages app

Castro maintains a chronological list of your played episodes in History. This makes it easy to find these episodes for sharing later.

If you hear an episode you love, you can star it. Your starred list becomes your personal podcast hall of fame, allowing you to easily share your favourite episodes next time someone asks you for a recommendation.

- Castro sports an elegant dark mode and well-thought out sleep timer, offering the best in night time podcast listening.
- Our "Tentacles" backend server constantly scans for new episodes across every podcast, so your phone doesn’t have to, saving battery life and data usage.
- Castro can notify you as soon as episodes are published.
- Download and Storage management: Queued episodes are automatically downloaded, so you can focus on deciding what you want to hear and let Castro manage the details.
- Fine scrubbing: drag the playhead to scan quickly, or drag the waveform for precision scrubbing.
- Beautifully rendered full screen show notes allow you to follow up and explore links of episodes that provide these details.
- Rotation support, and big playback controls on the player for easy use while driving.

Co nowego w wersji 2.5

Drag and Drop!
* In iOS 11 you can tap and hold to lift an episode, then drag it.
* Drop episodes on the queue, inbox or archive to move them to these locations.
* While dragging, tap more episodes with another finger to add them to the bundle.
* Hold a bundle over any tab icon to switch to that tab, or just tap it with another finger.
* You can drop episodes in a specific queue location, not just top or bottom.
* Drag from the filter bar to pick up a bundle of all the episodes in that filter.
* Using drag and drop, you can now move episodes back out of the queue into the inbox.

* Archiving all while filtered in inbox now selects either all or the nearest filter.
* You can now share an episode's current play position from the show notes share button, not just the player screen.
* New, much nicer navigation bar transitions.
* Player speeds adjusted slightly and an additional 1.7x speed was added.
* Tap and hold on Inbox tab icon to present action sheet to archive all episodes
* Tapping search icon with a current search already done now re-focuses the search field.
* The queue is now reordered by dragging episodes.

* Fixes issue where user could switch to inbox with an empty filter selected.
* Fixes a crash that could happen when updating episode download % progress.
* Images no longer overlap text in show notes.
* Fixes an issue where notifications could get stuck switched off after restoring from an iCloud Backup
* Fixes an issue where push notifications wouldn't get sent if you turned off the banner setting.
* Fixes an issue where push notification permission state could get out of sync with the system settings.
* Improvements to download behaviour when toggling cellular settings


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Recenzje użytkowników

One of the best podcast apps.

By far one of the best podcast apps. It's very reliable and stable. The inbox concept suits my needs well. Also worth mentioning that developers are great! 👌

Castro 2
Pokaż w iTunes
Oferuje aplikację dla iMessage w systemie iOS
  • 18,99 zł
  • Kategoria: Wiadomości
  • Uaktualnione w dniu:
  • Wersja: 2.5
  • Wielkość: 44.1 MB
  • Język: Angielski
  • Deweloper:
Aby pobrać tę aplikację, musisz mieć ukończone co najmniej 17 lat.
  • Rzadkie/łagodne sceny picia alkoholu, palenia papierosów lub zażywania narkotyków, albo odwołania do tych czynności
  • Częste/intensywne treści obrazoburcze lub czarny humor
  • Częste/intensywne treści dla dorosłych lub dwuznaczne
  • Rzadkie/łagodne treści o charakterze erotycznym lub nagość
  • Rzadkie/łagodne motywy z horrorów/dreszczowców

Zgodność: Wymaga systemu iOS 10.3 lub nowszego. Zgodność z urządzeniami: iPhone, iPad oraz iPod touch.

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