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Are you looking for a free event management software?
You need an event planning application to plan an event without being stressed out?
Or maybe you search for a conference app to make your event more innovative for your attendees?

Eventory is here for you!

Event organization stages and tools: we make it simple with one solution
Eventory is an all-in-one marketing, networking and event management software for professional event organizers seeking to streamline the organization process.
Eventory’s main components replace many mobile apps for conferences that any event professional would have to use separately, saving them lots of effort, time and money. In just one event management application you get a whole bundle of options: conference schedule, info about speakers and exhibitors, email invitations and most important, one event planning software to store all the information, news and attendees info. Sounds impressive? Just wait. As one of the mobile apps for conferences, we can offer you everything you need in an event planning app.

What does it mean? No more spreadsheets, no more duplicating data, no more struggles with updating event information in multiple services - we’ve got it all in one place, updated instantly:
• mobile event app
• event discovery & listing
• event networking and communication (attendee list, user profiles, push notifications)
• engagement tools (messenger, personal agenda)
• event marketing tools (event website, e-mail event invitations)
• evaluating event quality (surveys, program rating)
• event management (multiple events in one dashboard, quick updates)

If you’re just a guest and you want simply be able to search for interesting stuff happening around and keep track of what’s going on with your future events - download Eventory. Yes, it’s also for you. We’ve got a completely free version that allows you not only to browse our registry but also create your own, completely private events and add yourself to the already existing ones.

What do you gain by downloading Eventory mobile event app?
• You can make contact with both other attendees and renowned speakers.
• Get an Uber to and from the event’s venue.
• Create your own event website and share all the news with your friends.
• Make votings during panels and display its results at once!
And so much more.

The best amongst event management apps. Conference app. Timesaver. Lifesaver.

A night before an event you go to sleep. At 10pm. With everything in order: your team is long finished with the preparations, attendees are well informed about last-minute changes, your registration lists are ready and updated.
You can’t sleep. But not because you’re nervous... you’re excited. Because you did a great job. You have everything in control. You’re top of your game. You know how to plan an event perfectly.

Sounds like a dream? Well, we had that dream and we decided to make it come true.

Eventory is a result of more than 10 years of experience in events industry. It’s a result of a strong desire to make event professionals’ work a little bit easier. Understanding event managers’ struggles and facing them not only before an event, but every day - we decided it’s time to change the game. It’s time to create an event management software that will actually help to solve our problems.

If you need any more info check out our website: eventory.cc or go to our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as Instagram page.
You can always mail our planning center app team - hello@eventory.cc

See you around!

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Wersja 2.7.2

We prove that we cherish all our users by constant fixes and improvements.

If you enjoy using Eventory please rate us so we can get even better!

Oceny i recenzje

4.5 z 5
Ocen: 379
Ocen: 379
Michal_T ,

Aplikacja uzyteczna ale z brakami

Uzyteczne narzedzie do uczestnictwa w wybranych sesjach konferencji, ale brak narzedzi do wyszukiwania tematyki i osob.

Calldoctorhouse ,

Super useful, with occasional hiccups

Great app. I used it to create my own schedule for a big conference with 5 simultaneous areas. Super useful.
4/5 because of occasional freezes, where the app does not register clicks immediately.

jas fasola ,

Brak koszulek

Kto widzial, zeby na 1100 osob dac dwa pudla koszulek? Skandal, albo niedopatrzenie.


Eventory Inc.
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Wymaga systemu iOS 10.0 lub nowszego. Zgodność z urządzeniami: iPhone, iPad oraz iPod touch.
Polski, Angielski
Wiek 4+
Prawa autorskie
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