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iLumio Mobile Concierge is an ultra-innovative tool which lets hotel guests to fully enjoy theirs stay in the hotel. iLumio Mobile Concierege fully fulfill needs of the most demand clients, who loves to idenpendently plan they stay in the hotel. This solution creates also direct communication channel with hotel guests, which allows for example: to track orders, reservations and immediately inform guests about offers, available discounts and events, which are taking place in your hotel and its surrounding. iLumio Mobile Concierge allows to freely configurate available offers.

Example of available system functionality for the most demanding hotel guests:
- Dashboard – allows to put in order the most important options from the business point of view, that you want to show to your guests.
- Messages – allowst you to inform your guest directly and immediately about current offers in the hotel, sending invitation to events or restaurants and let you chat directly with the hotel guests.
- Information pages – they contains precise information about your hotel and its surroundings. This function allows to present map of the hotel with the description of the apartments or hotel regulations.
- Reservation system – functionality allows to book and reserve all available hotel services, such us: sunbeds, spa servieces, artists, attractions, tables etc.
- Drinks – guest while relaxing on a previously reserved sunbeds may at any time reserve drinks and snacks, which will be directly provided by the staff for a sunbed or a table in the restaurant.
- Breakfast – this option allows your guest to create their own breakfast set, which will be delivered directly to the guest apartment.
- Restaurant – just like with breakfast, now guest can order and create the mealand have it delivered to the room.
- Grocery Store – if there is a shop in your hotel, guests can do shopping without leaving the apartment. It allows your customer to purchase articles of everyday use in the most convinient way.
- Remote Control – mobile device with iLumio Mobile Concierge app can serve as an remote for the TV.
- Calendar – you can watch every reservation that was made by the guest on the dynamic time line.
- Guest profile – serves basic information about your guest stay.
- Bill – place where your guest can control and monitor expanses.
- Door Key – there is no more need to look for the key – due to iLumio Mobile Concierge - mobile device with an application becomes the key to the room doors.

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Wersja 2.1.1

Improved BMS functionality


Software Mind S.A.
88.3 MB

Wymaga systemu iOS 9.0 lub nowszego. Zgodność z urządzeniami: iPhone, iPad oraz iPod touch.


Polski, Angielski

Wiek 4+
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