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Co nowego

Wersja 4.1.0

- Video performance improvements
- Improvements to the onboarding process for new users
- You can now reply to someone when you are gilded
- Lots of iPad layout improvements
- Fixes to several chat related issues
- Various other small bug fixes and performance improvements

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4.8 z 5

Ocen: 78

Ocen: 78

Uwagi od wydawców

Whether you love films, kittens, science, kittens, politics or kittens, Reddit’s official app puts all this (plus kittens) at your fingertips. With a colourful and intuitive layout, it’s easy to browse and post to “the front page of the Internet” across thousands of subreddits that cater to virtually every area of interest. Search for communities that line up with your hobbies; filter posts by posting time, hotness and more; and get a breakdown of your own Redditing history to see where you reaped all that sweet, sweet karma. (Protip: you can’t go wrong with pictures of—you guessed it—kittens.)

Only one missing thing for me


Please add support for 18+ subreddits, and it'll be the one and only (and official!) Reddit app which I'll be using. Everything else is perfect and really stable. I can prolly say that it's the most stable and bugless application I ever used since I started using iOS software and having every new release from
1. iPhone 3GS
*long break to the time of 6 release*
2. iPhone 6 64GB gold (from release day)
3. iPhone 6s 64GB rose gold (from release day)
4. And my current phone from which and basing on this phone experience I have written my opinion about this app. iPhone 7 Plus 128gb jet black on iOS 10.1.1

Never ever had any crash or even a single lag

PS. I'm talking about for example /r/DarkNetMarkets

Well organised


I have never had a single problem with the app


51.8 MB
Wymaga systemu iOS 10.0 lub nowszego. Zgodność z urządzeniami: iPhone, iPad oraz iPod touch.
Aby pobrać tę aplikację, musisz mieć ukończone co najmniej 17 lat.
Rzadkie/łagodne sceny przemocy w wersji komiksowej lub fantastycznej
Rzadkie/łagodne motywy z horrorów/dreszczowców
Rzadkie/łagodne informacje o medycynie/leczeniu
Rzadkie/łagodne sceny picia alkoholu, palenia papierosów lub zażywania narkotyków, albo odwołania do tych czynności
Rzadkie/łagodne treści o charakterze erotycznym lub nagość
Rzadkie/łagodne realistyczne sceny przemocy
Częste/intensywne treści dla dorosłych lub dwuznaczne
Częste/intensywne treści obrazoburcze lub czarny humor
Prawa autorskie
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