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The Royals App is something more than just dating, flirting or chatting. This is the world’s first dating game, where 2% of top users create a closed and elite community. Match, chat, flirt and date an awesome people around the world!


—> Rate other players
Open packs with profiles of the users, rate the ones you find the most attractive and award them with popularity points. If you love them - that’s the easiest way.

Making new friends and receiving points that give you the chance to meet people has never been so fun. The free dating game Royals App gives you opportunities to get to know popular show business people, celebrities and hot & top models (men & women).

—> Earn points
Your profile is also rated by other players. The higher the level, the more points you can get.

You get points marked with the star icon when someone chooses you from their opened pack, you make new friends or open a pack (preferably a special one to get more points).

—> Increase your reach
Connect your social media networks and gain new insta followers.

Top users in the Royals App have to opportunity to gain lots of new insta followers. Join the elite group and become an online star.

—> Compete with others
When you reach level 7, your profile appears in rankings. You can now start fighting with other users.

Every month you have the chance to become recognizable, thanks to the Royals App. An amazing photo isn’t everything as the most important thing is the number of points you have. The more points you have, the higher you are in the top ranking. Find out whether you are the best of all the users!

—> Send messages
Make new friends by chatting with others and sending them gifts, messages or photos.

Dating game allows you to get to know the users. Start chatting, flirting or sending photos to people with whom you've made a match. There are a couple of unconventional pick-up lines for you to start a conversation! We’ll help you break the ice! Want to go totally crazy? Send a unique gift or arrange a date. Who knows, maybe you’ll find, meet a real love here?

—> Join the elite
After reaching level 10 you have the ability to join the rarefied community - The Royals Elite.

Do you want to feel like the real VIP or a person with network of great people? Join the top players elite and don’t let others take this position from you. New matches, crazy parties, great fun or simply an interesting conversation with woman or man that would lead to some feelings like a real love? Check out where this dating game will take you!


Download Royals App —> Match men or women —> Chat & send photos —> Win ranking, love & join the elite



Co nowego

Wersja 1.5.9

Earn up to 1500 points depending on your friends’ performance to quickly progress through the ranking.

With each release we put our best effort to give you the best experience from using Royals App.

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4.7 z 5
Ocen: 1.1 tys'.'
Ocen: 1.1 tys'.'

Great app

I have been using Royals for few weeks already, I must say, that during that time I have met some fantastic girls, I love how devs implented an option to send photos - it’s exactly what I needed from apps like tinder, yet they never added it! 5/5 recommended!

Odpowiedź dewelopera

Wow! Great words :) Thank you very much for them. We appreciate your opinion!


Bardzo Spoko Aplikacji

I've been using Royals for a few weeks now and I must say, the idea is awesome and the execution is smooooth. I've already made some cool connections, been invited to a party and met some hot and spicy females. Not to mention, it's helping my Polish to improve :) polecam bardzo bardzo gogogogo


Quite Interesting

Definitely worth a try, few things could be improved but you can try for yourself.

Odpowiedź dewelopera

Everyday we're working on improvements :)) Anyway, thank you very much for your rate :)


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Wymaga systemu iOS 10.0 lub nowszego. Zgodność z urządzeniami: iPhone, iPad oraz iPod touch.
Polski, Angielski, Chiński uproszczony, Francuski, Hiszpański, Koreański, Malajski, Niderlandzki, Niemiecki, Portugalski, Rosyjski, Tajski, Turecki, Ukraiński, Włoski
Aby pobrać tę aplikację, musisz mieć ukończone co najmniej 17 lat.
Częste/intensywne treści dla dorosłych lub dwuznaczne
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© Royals Sp. z o.o.
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  2. 500 charms 23,99 zł
  3. 1200 charms 47,99 zł


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