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Christmas Rush lasts! It is snowing outside the window, children are decorating Christmas trees and everyone thinks about buying gifts for their friends and family. Stop for a while and think about becoming the best Santa Claus in the world. Have unlimited possibilities and deliver millions of gifts! Download our game and try your unique strategy to become the only Santa Claus in our Christmas Tycoon Game. Build your own Christmas factory and defeat other players.

Santa Claus - Christmas Tycoon gameplay is very easy and full of fun, strategy and competitiveness. Players of all ages can play and enjoy the game for free.

● Experience an immersive Christmas game
● Build your own Christmas factory from one gnome to the big Corporation
● Upgrade your productions lines and deliver the largest amount of gifts in the world
● Try your chance in a happy Christmas lottery and overtake other players faster
● Win the local & global ranking and become Santa Claus

You can customize your profile character to your style. Choosing from many avatars like: funny Rudolph, decorated Snowman, Christmas Tree, dazzling Christmas tree bubble or any other amazing Xmas character. However only one player with the best score in the game will have an honour to choose the Santa Claus as an avatar. Download the app and join the best strategic Christmas game!

You do not have to be in the app all the time to win! Your production lines that deliver gifts work all the time whether you are in the app or not. However the more often you look after your factory, the more you can influence whether all lines produce a large number of Christmas gifts. You can speed up the production line or repair it if its performance decreases. It all depends on your strategy and willingness of being a Santa Claus in the Christmas Tycoon.

*** Christmas is coming. Santa Claus is needed! ***
Have fun and quickly start the game with no registration!

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4.5 z 5
Ocen: 66
Ocen: 66
leonardo_427 ,


I was looking for Santa Claus games for my son and he really got into this one!

czlowiekczolg ,

Great xmas app!

Whoa, what a funny app for kids full of holidays can offer. Happy Christmas!

Dagio96 ,


Very good Christmas fun I recommend! :)


84.1 MB
Wymaga systemu iOS 10.0 lub nowszego. Zgodność z urządzeniami: iPhone, iPad oraz iPod touch.
Wiek 4+
Prawa autorskie
© Royals Sp. z o.o.
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  2. 90 coins 4,99 zł


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