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Your written notes are vital to you. You would never think of throwing away notebooks or journals you’ve just finished using. You might need to go back to your notes in 6 days, 6 months or even 6 years time, re-read them, re-use them, improve them or share them. But it’s impossible to physically carry around all your handwritten notes all the time.
The SCRIBZEE App® is designed for you. For those of you who wish to make unlimited use of your notes, who believe that your notes deserve to be saved and then retrieved instantaneously, anywhere, ready to take on a new life.
SCRIBZEE® allows you to easily scan and save the contents of pages from your SCRIBZEE®-compatible notebooks, diaries, paperboard refills and sticky notes using your smartphone. The pages are printed with a special marker in each corner, which permit the use of our patented capture technology developed by our engineers.
With SCRIBZEE® you can:
• Automatically capture the contents of your handwritten notes as soon as the approximate framing required by the application is sufficient.
• Achieve high-quality visual results, similar to those of a “flat” scan, using the automatic image enhancement features built into the App (highly accurate page content centring, vertical and horizontal image re-framing, perspective effect cancellation and contrast and brightness level optimisation).
• File pages into organisable folders.
• Find your notes easily by searching for keywords in their titles.
• Rearrange document pages by dragging them with your finger. Import pages from other notes or images from your smartphone.
• Save your pages easily in a secure, unlimited cloud space courtesy of SCRIBZEE®.
• Share your pages using the means of communication available on your smartphone (SMS, e-mail, social media, Evernote etc.) in jpeg or PDF format.
• Create alerts related to your notes to remind you of important dates.
With the SCRIBZEE® App, your notes are with you everywhere you go. You can always search, edit and share them using your smartphone, anywhere, anytime. You can also view your notes on your tablet, PC or Mac, using the online version of SCRIBZEE® available at www.scribzee.com

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Each update includes some speed and reliability improvements.

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Step527252 ,

Lacking feature

For me the thing that’s missing is the possibility of scanning the pages upside down as I mainly use a notebook for two subjects at once, writing on the back side as well.

Krwawa ,

Nice idea, but not well made

Unfortunately it doesn't want to add any pages for Tusedays and Thursdays... I have no idea why. I tried to add them in bunch and as single, but doesn't work anyway... would love to see it fixed :)

Edit: updated the app today... still not working properly. Meh... fail...

kacper_xx ,


They screwed up two major things:

- There is no iPad version and if there's a device that is made to review notes - it's iPad.
You have no choice but to learn from tiny little screen of your phone (compared to a standard notebook page size). Useless.
- There are strict limitations to how you can name your notes. That is hilarious, I should be able to give them whatever name I want.

Too bad. Seemed to be a great idea to make such notebooks and scan pages in dedicated app yet it's not done properly.
Not going back to Oxford notebooks until they fix this.


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Wymaga systemu iOS 10.0 lub nowszego. Zgodność z urządzeniami: iPhone, iPad oraz iPod touch.


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