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Oceny i recenzje

4.4 z 5
Ocen: 395

Ocen: 395

wuesjot ,

It isn't as good as it should be?

Hey, I really liked vsco cam from the beginning especially for beautiful presets and analog look. I wasn't using it all the time but I wanted to use one app for all my work and after buying vsco x I'm a little disappointed... I don't know why, but the quality of raw pictures are not really so good? They're always darker and from the moment when I want to recover some shadows it's even worse..and can anyone can explain to me why we some have an optical zoom with all double lenses iPhones??? And why we don't have pinch to zoom in photo editing mode? Seriously?

slwstr ,

So lack of integration with iCloud Photo Library is intentional

I previously gave this app 4 stars noting that the only drawbacks are poor UI and lack of integration with iCloud Photo Library which needs to be fixed ASAP. However since then I learned that they were working on that a few years and apparently just decided to not integrate. Why? Hard to tell. Maybe some bizarre ambition of forcing on user mediocre social aspects of app, that would be unavailable in editing extension. Whatever the reason I can’t recommend app that strategically lacks basic feature.


Layout ......

Hello my name is Lucas and I just wana to tell you something about this app the worst thing in this app i have few folders with pictures and i dont know why your app see only 4 folders but i. Have 7. Hahaha it is Ridiculous .... and layout ... I know white is good but practice use is the most important and iPad Pro 12.9 plus this app ..... ehhhh


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Visual Supply Company
143.8 MB
Zdjęcia i wideo

Wymaga systemu iOS 11.0 lub nowszego. Zgodność z urządzeniami: iPhone, iPad oraz iPod touch. Apple TV.


Angielski, Chiński tradycyjny, Chiński uproszczony, Francuski, Hiszpański, Indonezyjski, Japoński, Koreański, Malajski, Niderlandzki, Niemiecki, Portugalski, Rosyjski, Tajski, Turecki, Włoski

Wiek 12+ ze względu na:
Rzadkie/łagodne treści dla dorosłych lub dwuznaczne
Rzadkie/łagodne realistyczne sceny przemocy
Rzadkie/łagodne sceny picia alkoholu, palenia papierosów lub zażywania narkotyków, albo odwołania do tych czynności
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