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WHAT AM I? RIDDLES WITH ANSWERS YOUR BRAIN EMPLOY AND BRING ALONG LOTS OF JOY. Get guess the word game, solve clever riddles for kids and adults and enjoy!


Riddle me this: "I can be short, I can be simple, but solving me is sometimes a pimple..."
No, let's try this again.
"I can be meaningful, I can be vain, but solving me can sometimes be a pain. What am I?"
Can you guess the answer? What am I? Riddles is a guess the word game you are simply going to get addicted to. Make your brain work a percent or two better and solve those clever tricky riddles! This classic brain teaser riddle game for kids and adults is definitely going to make you cry! No, just kidding, but it will be a nice mental workout. Download What am I? Riddles game and enjoy your new pastime hobby!


► LOTS OF RIDDLES FOR KIDS AND ADULTS you will enjoy solving
► LOCALIZED RIDDLES WITH ANSWERS: solve riddles in English, Spanish, French, Malay, Portuguese and many other languages
► HINTS AS HELP: if you get stuck trying to find an answer to some of the difficult riddles, you can use a hint and get to the solution faster
► UNCOVER ONE LETTER of the answer to help you solve riddles
► THE SOLUTION - if you have no clue what the answer is, you can use this option to find out
◊ COLLECT DIAMONDS - you earn them with every correct answer and you use them to pay for hints
► CHEERFUL GRAPHICS: you will not get bored solving tricky riddle games


Riddles with answers have always been popular among both kids and adults, and what am I games are No. 1 when it comes to puzzles. Some people say that guess the word games such as tricky and difficult riddles make your brain work faster and therefore your IQ raises. Well, we can't be sure about that, but we can guarantee you that solving clever riddles will make the time fly. Move the borders of your imagination and expand your logical thinking; that will lead you to the correct answer.

Here’s an example of a clever riddle:
"I have skin, more eyes than one. I can be very nice when I am done. What am I?"
Wanna find out the answer? Download What am I? Riddles and discover the solution! You will enjoy the search, that’s for sure.

What am I? Riddles game is an intellectual property of Peaksel.

Co nowego

Wersja 1.5

Hey there, riddle fans!

Here's an improved version of the game:
[+] Bulgarian flag replaced - we apologize for the inconvenience, the flag has been replaced

We appreciate your suggestions and comments so feel free to e-mail us at hello@peaksel.com . If you enjoyed playing, remember to rate the game and leave a review.


* Critical bug on level 207 in Dutch fixed
* Bugs on levels 40 and 65 are now fixed
* More riddles added:
- 66 in English
- 51 in Polish
- 50 in Turkish
- 49 in Bulgarian
- 48 in Russian, Serbian and Croatian
- 46 in French and Italian
- 50 in Dutch


73 MB
Wymaga systemu iOS 7.0 lub nowszego. Zgodność z urządzeniami: iPhone, iPad oraz iPod touch.
Polski, Angielski, Arabski, Chiński uproszczony, Chorwacki, Czeski, Duński, Francuski, Hiszpański, Indonezyjski, Japoński, Koreański, Malajski, Niderlandzki, Niemiecki, Norweski bokmål, Portugalski, Rosyjski, Rumuński, Serbski, Szwedzki, Tajski, Turecki, Wietnamski, Węgierski, Włoski
Ocena 4+
Prawa autorskie
© Peaksel DOO
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