Indios Bravos

Ex-Hey founder and guitarist Piotr Banach, with help from vocalist Piotr Gutkowski, aka Gutek, set up the band Indios Bravos in 1996. In 1999 the first semi-official album Part One appeared. The album was released with great help from Kuba Wojewódzki's label, Palac Kultury. After that Banach went on a three-year vacation and Gutek began his side project Mustafarai. In 2002 Indios Bravos issued their official album Mental Revolution, which strengthened the band's position on the Polish reggae scene. The live band was extended by keyboardist Pawel Gawronski, guitarist Krzysztof Sak, bassist Ryszard Labul, keyboardist Przemek Filipkowski, and drummer Tomek Kubik. Four years later an extended edition of the album was released. In autumn 2007 Indios Bravos issued the album simply called Peace. ~ Aleksander Stepien

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