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No Title

Katalog wydawcy Education, discussion and collaboration for 21st Century entrepreneurs

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Project Kazimierz brings together some of the most influential minds in Central Europe's growing technology and startup community for discussions on issues that impact small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Recenzje użytkowników

Awesome quality interviews!

When Richard and Sam interviewed me way back in February I had no idea this would turn up to be so awesome. I am looking for new episodes every week. Keep up the good wotk guys!

Focus on People

Each episode is like an hour long conversation with experienced innovator: entrepreneur or activist. Richard and Sam are focused on journey of their guest: successes and failures. Really waiting for more.

A fascinating look at business in Poland and internationally

I am a big fan of this podcast. Richard and Sam talk to experts about marketing, business, technology in Poland and internationally. For anyone looking to dive deep into the Polish business scene and find out about inspiring business owners, it's worth taking the time to listen to the back catalogue.

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