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Study, revise and 100% of facial reflexology solutions to be able to design your Dien Chan formulae.

Do you want fast relief for muscle and joint pain, or other common complaints without having to take medication or use needles?
FACEASiT designs treatments from anatomy complemented with symptoms. It is not a catalogue of disorders! It’s natural therapy combined with an interactive pedagogical approach.

FACEASiT calculates facial reflexology treatments on the spot, in 3 steps:
___1. Where does it hurt? (Select the affected part of the body)
___2. What’s wrong? (Choose the relevant symptom)
___3. How do I work on it? (Follow the graphic instructions)

With this absorbing and pedagogical method, the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan places self-regulation at your fingertips thanks to simple stimulation of points of the face.
Our great experience since 2002, our diverse international publications and a research team are the guarantees for Faceasit.
Dien Chan, the original method of face reflexology, offers fast treatment of common pain and disorders with no need for prior knowledge.

Impeccable design, so easy to use and the results are amazing!
I sorted out my chronic back pain in under 5 minutes!
When it returns because I’m tired, I treat myself again.
In just 2 weeks, I’m back on form.
I treated my flu without having to take anything chemical!

▶ Lots of therapeutic and pedagogical functions:
. . Locate and evaluate the complaint
. . Map of points on the face to stimulate
. . Recommended tools
. . Massage advice using the tools
. . Study all the Dien Chan diagrams of projection and charts*
. . Study all the set points on the face*
. . Create and conserve personal treatment records**
. . Conserve the history of each consultant**
. . Modify and create treatments**
. . Add your own comments to the record**
. . Modify and create formulas of points with automatic maps**
. . Share the procedure you’ve obtained or designed**

◉ The facial tools used in Multireflexology - Dien Chan enable precise yin or yang stimulation for quick relief and healthy balance.

► Full manual available at (6 languages)

Professor Dr Bùi Quốc Châu (Vietnam) discovered in the 1980s that we could stimulate energy channels by working on many different points on the face. The proximity of the facial reflex points to the brain seems to explain the speed of the results.
Professor Châu saw that the set points* involved in Dien Chan describe a series of reflexological diagrams* and that yin or yang stimulations offer fast, lasting results.
Dien Chan is a reflexology technique that draws on knowledge of both Western and traditional Chinese medicine.

Face reflexology pointers for wellness and Chan’beauté and full information about the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan and its associated club Dien Chan International (former CLUBQC) are available on the official website
**available as of the FACEASiT’pro version
*** available as of the FACEASiT’clinic version


Versão 1.3

Update for iOS11


Multireflex, SL
31.5 MB
Saúde e fitness

Requer o iOS 8.1 ou posterior. Compatível com iPad.


Português, Alemão, Espanhol, Francês, Inglês, Italiano

Classificação de 4+
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