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Looking for a job? Searching for someone with a specific skill? Want to get noticed and know what your network thinks of your skills? Check, check, check!
Powerupp is a professional social network that is fun and trustworthy. We believe in a world built on fairness, honesty and transparency values. So we developed and app that lets you build a network and improve your career in a community where no one will endorse you on a skill you don’t have, just so you endorse them back on a skill they are not good at.
How? Anonymity! You choose your three main skills (let’s be honest, no one really excels at more than three things in their work place), and your network – friends, colleagues, ex-colleagues and bosses – will gradually validate you on those skills.
Positive feedback will grant you empowerment and level you up the ranks of your professional skills. This means that working hard will get you noticed, and put you up as an influencer and opinion leader.
Gone are the days where networking could be tedious. We made it work in a simple, intuitive, swipe-based interface where everyone can connect and help each other. We’re giving you a tool that will help you achieve more on a professional level.


Build your CV. Develop Skills. Get out there!
So you think you’re a “Jack of all trades”? That’s alright! But we believe everyone has 3 main skills they really excel at. Choose them carefully and live by them. Your network will recommend and empower you according to the skills you set as your main.

Find who you want, when you want

Need someone in specific? Someone with a certain skill near you? Maybe you just need to find out who the influencers in a specific sector are… Search, find, get in touch!
Build the network you believe will help you grow as a person and as a professional.

Recommend and endorse your network contacts

We're giving you a tool to help you manage and improve your professional life. An active search for fair reviews will bring empowerment to you and every person that deserves it. So don’t go around carelessly endorsing everyone and everything! That will make your opinion redundant. You don’t want that!

We’re all Blind

Algorithm makes it so that everyone can endorse profiles but no one knows who endorsed who – avoiding fake flattering to someone or feeling pressured to endorse or recommend in return;

Geo Mode

People can find out what skills (as seen so by the market) are around them at any time;

Strong Connections

Strong connections are limited and very valuable. Much like Tinder, it’s a blind process, so only two people who willingly match each other will form a strong connection.


Each user starts with 3 soft skills, 3, Values, 3 Hard Skills. Every skill they list will be gradually and fairly empowered (or downrated) by the market (network) and level up in rank – up to the rank of influencer.
After reaching a certain level, the user will be able to add more skills to his or her profile and build an ever-growing profile and professional persona.

We were born out of the idea that the HR and professional networking world was stagnant. Everything and everyone was getting trivialized.
Powerupp changes that, you reap what you sow. Work hard, get noticed, be greater!
Don’t believe us? Dive in!


Versão 1.1.0

Hi everyone!

Powerupp is back with a new version and is bringing a groundbreaking feature with it.

Now you can unlock GeoMode as soon as you reach level 7 and use it to check the skills of people around you. Yes, it means if you’re looking for a particular skill near or inside your work environment, you’ll find it with a click of a button.

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2015 MC, LDA
81 MB
Redes sociais
Requer o iOS 9.0 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.
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Violência infrequente/moderada em desenhos animados e fantástico
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