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UltraKey 6.0 International Personal Edition

De Bytes of Learning

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UltraKey teaches you how to type -- quickly and effectively -- spending no time on anything but improving your skill. This international edition of UltraKey is an extension of the proven keyboarding instruction software recommended by professionals around the world.

UltraKey is a standard of schools across North America and other English speaking regions. Children and adults love UltraKey because it ...

• follows a clear path to success
• demonstrates each new skill with fully interactive graphics and video
• provides real word processing practice and testing
• recommends ways to improve and offers immediate help
• monitors progress and helps you achieve personal goals
• puts you in charge of your learning

In no time, you are improving your speed and accuracy, enjoying the praise as UltraKey cheers you on!

To support learning, UltraKey automatically speaks new instructions, spells words, and reads items when needed.

You can fully adapt UltraKey to suit personal learning styles and special needs. You can even select your own skin tone for typing demonstrations!

This international edition provides English spelling and content for North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. User guidance and in-depth information are provided through an extensive manual and an on-board web site. Toll-free and online support are provided at no charge.

Let UltraKey make you more productive today!

Novidades da versão 6.1.1

UltraKey 6.1 features a completely upgraded appearance and experience as you develop keyboarding excellence.

On larger displays, UltraKey welcomes you to the new Macintosh learning lab where photo-realistic graphics deliver an exciting high definition experience throughout.

The four previous theme selections have been enhanced and expanded to twelve selections featuring localized scenes and colorful presentations for all ages. Desktops include landmarks in North America, the UK and Australasia.

UltraKey themes also determine default text size and keyboard display making UltraKey ever more adaptable to your age, preference and needs.

Every instructional process has been reviewed and refreshed.

The Assess Level module is now available on the main module selection bar, and messages and processes have been streamlined for an even more enjoyable learning experience.

When you complete lessons, take the recommended skill check just by striking S!

When you complete skill checks and troublesome pairs or chains are detected, take a short refresher lesson and challenge yourself to improve on the spot!

Every preference panel has been reviewed, refined and simplified.

The interactive UltraKey guide has been refreshed and enhanced.

The on-board UltraKey web site, accessed by clicking the More Info button, has been polished too.

The most exciting news is that all these improvements to UltraKey are FREE to all previous purchasers!

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UltraKey 6.0 International Personal Edition
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  • 39,99 €
  • Categoria: Ensino
  • Actualizado:
  • Versão: 6.1.1
  • Tamanho: 295 MB
  • Idioma: Inglês
  • Programador:

Compatibilidade: OS X 10.6.6 ou posterior

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