7 Songs, 45 Minutes


About OZmotic

Ozmotic are an Italian duo who combine glitchy electronics with acoustic instruments such as drums and soprano saxophone, constructing soundscapes evoking nature as well as architecture. During live performances, their music is accompanied by digital visuals generated in real time, forming an integral component of their work. The duo's first album was 2015's AirEffect, a collaboration with Fennesz, who also contributed to 2016's Liquid Times. Third album Elusive Balance was released by Touch in 2018.

Based in Turin, Italy, Ozmotic consists of Stanislao Lesnoj, who plays soprano sax in addition to handling electronics and visuals, as well as SmZ, who plays drums plus electronics and assorted objects. Both as a duo and individually, the two artists have provided music and sound design for several films and theatrical performances. In 2015, they collaborated with Mexican musician Murcof on a multimedia presentation titled U235 - The Era of Technology, which was performed at the Todays Festival in Turin. During the same year, Ozmotic's debut album, a collaboration with Fennesz called AirEffect, was released by Folk Wisdom. Fennesz also appeared on 2016 follow-up Liquid Times, which featured remixes by Senking and Eberhard Breitschneider. For their third album, 2018's Elusive Balance, Ozmotic moved to U.K. experimental music institution Touch.

Turin, Italy