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Upland, CA's Diskothi Q served as one of the most articulate and intelligent indie rock quartet's of the 1990s, before sputtering to a halt in the early 2000s. Led by brothers Peter Hughes (guitar, vocals) and bassist Kevin Hughes, drummer Kevin Trapp rounded out the three-piece combo. The band's first releases in 1993 (on the Shrimper, Sonic Enemy, and Volvolo labels) started a flurry of output by the group. The so-called lo-fi revolution and the advancement of home-recording technology bolstered the trio's ability to release as many cassettes, vinyl singles, and compact discs as they saw fit. Their debut full-length disc, The Wandering Jew, was released on Shrimper in 1994 to critical acclaim, as the band began to win over new fans from around the world. 1995 saw the release of EPs on Wabana Records and Xmas Records. The band swore off touring after a disastrous tour of Germany in 1996, causing the band to retreat to the insular world of the Upland music scene. The result was the group's masterpiece, 1997's Waterworld, again on Shrimper. The band's tongue-in-cheek album title was based on the album's many setbacks and over-budget production, similar to the Kevin Costner film of the same name. Despite the many difficulties surrounding Waterworld's release, the result was an astounding album, including some of the most emotionally insightful tracks of the band's career.

Unfortunately, the band's official follow-up, Sad Truths, remained unfinished for a variety of reasons unknown. The band's swan song was actually 32 songs, the release of two discs of songs dedicated to each team in the National Football League. The songs on The Football Albums: American Conference and The Football Albums: National Conference ranged from the bitter "Los Angeles," about the loss of teams from the band's hometown, to the somber history of the Cleveland Browns on "Browns." Peter Hughes released the discs on his own Sonic Enemy label. Soon after, the members of Diskothi Q put the band on hold, with Trapp moving to Israel, and Peter Hughes moving to Rochester, NY, all but closing the door on the band's decade-long history. Peter continued to serve as bassist for Nothing Painted Blue, as well as making musical contributions to the Mountain Goats. ~ Stephen Cramer

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