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HollAnd was perhaps the most notable alias of electronic pop singer/composer Trevor Kampmann, a former teen actor who made guest appearances on television programs including Little House on the Prairie, Who's the Boss?, and Charles in Charge. After flirting with a career as a professional skateboarder, Kampmann drifted across the country before settling in Washington, D.C. and landing work as a computer graphics designer. Upon recording his first batch of songs, he adopted the name See Saw to release his lo-fi 1995 debut, ...And Its Head Popped Off, on the Simple Machines label. Following the release of 1996's Magnetophone, credited to See Saw, Kampmann announced that future releases would appear under the Magnetophone aegis, although he instead recorded primarily as hollAnd. Debuting in 1997 with Your Orgasm, the following year hollAnd issued the limited-edition Soundtrack for Synthetic Voices; Commercial, a collaboration with the members of Flowchart, as well as productions for the Rondelles (The Fox) and Aden (Black Cow) preceded the early-2000 release of the EP Neoprene: So Tight. The Drums EP followed in early 2001, along with the launch of Kampmann’s own record label, pulCec. HollAnd was put on the back burner for the majority of the next decade as Kampmann worked extensively in the studio, engineering and mastering records, including albums by Cat Power, Barcelona, and Explosions in the Sky. In 2010, Teen Beat released a two-song single from hollAnd titled I Blow Up. ~ Jason Ankeny

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