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The proud recipients of the 2004 Grand Prix der Volksmusik, Die Ladiner, who often bill themselves as Die Superstars der Volksmusik, are a German volksmusik duo from Val Gardena, Südtirol (South Tyrol). An autonomous province of Italy near the Austrian border, Südtirol is home to the Dolomite region of the Alps mountain range and the Rhaeto-Romance language Landin (hence the duo's name). Formed in 1996, Die Ladiner are comprised of lead singer Joakin Stuffer (b. Johann Stuffer; June 8, 1969) and accordionist Otto Demetz (born December 10, 1959), the latter of whom took the place of Joakin's brother Rafael Stuffer (born June 11, 1979) in 2005. Joakin's brother Reinhardt is a composer/lyricist for the duo, and Joakin's daughter Nicol has also performed with them, and was showcased on the album Ein Bisschen Fröhlich Sein (2006). Die Ladiner has released albums including Allein in Einsamkeit (2002), Winter- & Weihnachtslieder (2003), Erinnerung an Mama (2004), Beuge Dich vor Grauem Haar (2004), Die Schönsten Lieder Südtirols (2005), Ein Meer Voll Traurigkeit (2005), Ein Bisschen Fröhlich Sein (2006), Die Ladiner Singen die Grössten Erfolge von Vico Torriani (2006), and Wahre Liebe ein Leben Lang (2007). Die Ladiner are also the hosts of Ladinerfest, an annual volksmusik festival in Val Gardena, a scenic valley nestled beneath the Dolomites. ~ Jason Birchmeier

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