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Based in Rio de Janiero and affiliated with Soot Records, Maga Bo is a DJ/producer whose style is a mashup of international breakbeats ranging from hip-hop, ragga, and grime to bhangra, rai, and batucada. Born Bo Anderson and originally from Seattle, he is a sound engineer by trade and schooled in ethnomusicology. He is an extensive traveler, working and performing throughout Africa, Europe, North America, and South America. In terms of recordings, Maga Bo released a couple albums on the Post World Industries label during the early 2000s: Do Not Spit Here or There: A Noise Primer on the Indian Subcontinent (2001), an album of recordings from India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka between 1997-1999 that was credited to AudioFile Collective, a collaboration with Filastine; and Lost & Stolen Goods (2005), a live mix credited to Sonar Calibrado, another alias of Filastine and Maga Bo. On his own, he released the 12" EP Tudo Bem (2003) on the British label Tru Thoughts and another 12" EP, Confusion of Tongues (2007), on DJ /rupture's label, Soot Records. His affiliation with Soot Records also spawned a mix album titled Confusion of Tongues (2007). ~ Jason Birchmeier

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