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Best Grime artist to ever do it.

Whenever Wiley is releasing something new, it makes every grime fan go mad. And this album is not an exception.


one of the best grime albums of decadence, instrumentals are amazing!!!




Дата рождения: 19.01.1979 в London, England

Жанр: Хип-хоп/рэп

Годы деятельности: '00s, '10s

Quite possibly the key player in U.K. grime — though he called his knotty, brittle style "eski" or "eskibeat" — producer and MC Wiley (born Richard Cowie) came up as a member of Pay as U Go Cartel, and was later a founding member of Roll Deep Crew. Much of his best and most crucial early work as a producer trickled out as white-label vinyl releases and free downloads. After Treddin' on Thin Ice (XL, 2004) and Playtime Is Over (Big Dada, 2007), a pair of strong albums, Wiley made a controversial...
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Godfather, Wiley
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