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About Luis Jara

Chilean singer Luis Jara started a successful career in 1985 after winning a contest called A Song for the Winter, organized by local TV show Martes 13. The following year, the artist participated in Viña de Mar's Festival, coming in second place with a song called "Me Hace Falta." Aware of his talent, EMI signed him up in 1986, releasing his debut album Amame that same year and Otra Vez De Cero in 1988. In 1991, Luis Jara successfully participated in a Dutch festival, getting an award for Best Performance. Soon after, the singer moved to Buenos Aires to make his following record, Inevitable. In 1995, Jara came in first place at an Egyptian festival with a song composed by Reynaldo Tomás Martínez called "Te Amaré." A year later, the singer temporarily settled down in Miami to make Emociones, followed by Para Que No Me Olvides in 1998. ~ Drago Bonacich



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