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Turn your iPhone or iPad into a Kindle with the free Kindle app, and carry all your eBooks with you, wherever you go.

eBooks (including those with narration) that you have purchased on Amazon will automatically appear in your app.  Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime members can select and download eBooks directly in the app.
What you’ll get:
• With your newsfeed you can discover what the readers you trust are reviewing and rating highly to find your next great read, and discuss the books, passages and ideas that inspire you while only being one tap away from diving back into your book.
• Sample any eBook for free
• Magazines, newspapers, graphic novels and textbooks with high-res color images
• A customizable reading experience with your choice of font style, size and more
• Comfortable reading day and night with adjustable screen brightness and page color
• Discover and download Kindle Unlimited eBooks and magazines
• Unique features like X-Ray, Whispersync, Page Flip, Print Replica, flashcards and more
• Instant translations and definitions, without leaving the page
• Ability to make and share in-page highlights
• Bold font and text size options
• Access to local library eBooks

Что нового

Версия 6.5

* Split view on iPad is here! Resize the app to multi-task while reading without ever switching context.
* Try scrolling through your book – just like a web page. Turn continuous scrolling on via Settings, then easily turn it on and off from the Aa menu in your book. Tell us what you think.
* Pull down in the library to refresh your list of books.
* We’ve added Kindle dictionaries for Arabic.

Оценки и отзывы

4.3 из 5

Оценок: 17

Оценок: 17

Six stars of five


Just because it has greatest English library (including even “genocidal organ”, “Mardock scramble”, “social engineering” and “stories of Ibis”, etc) and also with Kindle you can gain smooth enough synchronization with e-ink Kindle book (If you have it of course). So there are no analogs or alternatives if you are fan of reeding and seeking for the best decision with no compromises.
I use it fo 7 years in a row already and can’t go back to usual paper books and different services. And for these 7 ears I found only a little one issue the lack of a “catcher in the rue” but even this fact can’t influence on my whole opinion. 6 of 5 and there is no any other opinion for me.

Ни одной книги на русском


Ни одной книги на русском. Захотел почитать называется.



Наконец-то сделали доступным во всех странах! И в отличии от большинства других онлайн магазинов, куча книг доступна для продажи за пределами США/Канады. Ждём версию под Мак!

Книги, понятное дело, на английском.


178.8 МБ
Требуется iOS 10.0 или более поздняя версия. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.
английский, голландский, испанский, итальянский, немецкий, португальский, упрощенный китайский, французский, японский
Возраст: 4+
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