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Camera-M is designed to do one thing and one thing exceptionally well — to help you capture beautiful photos with incredibly powerful and precise manual camera controls. There are no filters to be distracted by, or additional purchases to worry about. Instead, there is a well-thought-out and beautiful interface that keeps irrelevant elements out of your way.

– Portrait Matte Effects with simulated f/1.0 aperture*
– Siri Shortcuts for iOS 12
– Focus Tracking powered by the Machine Learning framework*
– Depth Photo mode with f/1.0 aperture simulation*
– Dual Photo mode with simultaneous wide-angle and telephoto lens shots*
– Focus Peaking with 4x Magnifier powered by Metal framework*
– Live Highlight and Shadow Alerts for clipped areas
– Live RGB and RGB Luminance histograms
– Manual Gray Card mode for a precise White Balance point
– Minimized Compression option for HEIF and JPEG image files*
– Complete Exif metadata support
– Golden Hour widget with sunrise/sunset and sun position indicators
– Designed for proper user experience in landscape orientation
– Fully optimized for iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max
– True one-handed operation on all iPhone models
– Built and optimized for incredibly quick launches

– Manual focus control
– Focus Tracking powered by Machine Learning framework*
– Focus Peaking powered by Metal framework*
– 4x Magnifier with full support for panning
– Macro and Scene presets for fast switching between the focus modes

– Manual exposure bias control with exposure offset gauge
– Live Highlight and Shadow Alerts for clipped areas
– Manual ISO and Exposure Duration adjustments
– ISO priority mode with semi-automatic Exposure Duration
– Exposure Duration priority mode with semi-automatic ISO
– Live RGB and RGB Luminance histograms

– Manual White Balance temperature control
– Manual Red and Green tint control
– Gray Card mode for complete control over setting a precise White Balance point
– Live RGB Luminance histogram
– Tungsten, Fluorescent, Daylight, Cloudy and Shade presets

– View the entire collection of photo albums on your device
– Exif Summary provides a quick and convenient look at standard metadata information
– Map Data with compass heading and elevation level
– Beautiful and informative RGB and RGB Luminance histograms
– Full Exif metadata dictionary displays every available technical detail associated with an image

– Digital zoom with 10x range
– Available manual switching between wide-angle and telephoto lenses on devices with dual cameras

– RAW with optional high resolution JPEG preview and optical image stabilization*
– Optional saving of original Depth Photo image file with corresponding depth data information*
– Live Photo*
– HEIF with Standard and Minimized Compression*
– JPEG with Standard and Minimized Compression
– P3 Wide Color Gamut support*

– Depth Photo*
– Dual Photo*
– Live Photo*
– Single Shot
– Burst Mode
– Timer Mode with 2/5/10/30 second increments

– Straightforward access to geo location status
– Horizon level with available pitch tracking and flat options
– Rule of Thirds, Golden Ratio, Quadrant and Square grids
– Exact technical specifications for the camera modules on a current device

– Quick access to several key functions and modes
– Displays accurate sunrise/sunset and Golden Hour information for current location
– Displays current sun position for a better visual reference

Camera-M is powered exclusively by native APIs and frameworks. There are no dependencies on outside sources. Zero. So, you can count on Camera-M to be consistent and efficient, down to its small download size. Best of all, Camera-M launches without any hesitation. Every single time.

We hope you enjoy taking amazing photos with Camera-M!

Follow us on Instagram @camera.m.ios.

* These features are available on supported devices only.

Что нового

Версия 2.1

We are happy to bring you another major update to Camera-M! This version includes support for Siri shortcuts, numerous performance improvements and addresses minor issues.

• Siri Shortcuts for iOS 12. We took a carefully weighed approach to implementing this powerful feature. Besides offering practical shortcuts to expedite your workflow, when staging or capturing your photos — we also wanted to make sure that the process of accessing and enabling these shortcuts was as straightforward, as possible. There is no need to leave Camera-M to add or edit a shortcut.

Version 2.0

• Those of you, who are fortunate enough to own the new iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max, will be happy to know that Camera-M has added full support for those gorgeous displays. Everything works just as it should!

• Fully optimized for iOS 12. As always, Camera-M continues to adhere exclusively to native APIs and Frameworks. And for this version, we have gone the extra mile to ensure that absolutely everything is up to par — from code written entirely in latest Swift syntax — to making countless minute optimizations, in order to take full advantage of improved system performance — courtesy of iOS 12. And of course, with this update, Camera-M continues to launch incredibly quickly, even with the more responsive controls.

• Updated UI for iOS 12. Numerous icons and UI elements have been updated to better fit the overall look and feel of iOS 12 and the new iPhone models. We hope you like these new pixel-perfect iterations, as much as we do.

• Improved Focus Tracking. Camera-M now provides a noticeably smoother and more responsive user experience, when following a subject of interest with Focus Tracking.

• Portrait Effects Matte for Depth Mode* This will blow your mind. The very moment you see your photos taken with Portrait Effects Matte. This feature is automatically activated in Depth Mode, when your device detects a face, as the subject of interest. Photos taken with PEM contain a much higher resolution depth map, which produces a beautifully detailed segmentation mask. Combined with our custom background blur — up to the simulated f/1.0 — your photos will have a stunning level of detail between the subject and the background bokeh.

Portrait Effects Matte map is saved along with the standard image depth map information for editing outside of Camera-M. You can also save the photos without the option to edit, by choosing Processed Depth Photo.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know at contact@camera-m.com.

Follow us on Instagram @camera.m.ios and tag your photos with #CameraMiOS to get featured.

* This feature is available on supported devices only.

Оценки и отзывы

4.7 из 5
Оценок: 19
Оценок: 19


Отличная камера. Единственный недостаток - траурная чёрная полоса панели инструментов (iPad Pro). Она закрывает часть экрана и реально мешает!

Ответ разработчика

Hekqvv, спасибо за ваш отзыв! А на каком именно приборе вы пользуетесь Camera-M? Если речь идёт об iPhone, то чёрная панель с инструментами не блокирует стандартное соотношение сторон фотографии. На iPad, ситуация несколько иная, так-как, на данный момент, все модели iPad оснащены 4:3 экранами. Для iPad мы рассматриваем разные варианты панели с инструментами, включая те, которые вы упомянули. Ещё раз, спасибо за ваш отзыв!


Русский язык

Приложение хорошее, но хотелось бы читать подсказки на родном, русском языке! Спасибо!


Awesome! 👍

Really like your app! Especially UI/UX. Easy to use, enjoy using it. I even removed pro cam and Camera+ 😅 But I wanted to ask you add a feature to take photos with “plus” button. The reason is I’m using tripod and have remote control. When I click on it the camera shows “volume” icon. Please, fix that. In general 🥇

Ответ разработчика

Thank you very much for your kind words, MaksymPS! Starting with version 1.5.4 of Camera-M — it is now possible to take a photo with either volume button, or by using a Bluetooth remote.

Feel free to let us know, if you have any questions or concerns. We can always be reached at contact@camera-m.com. Thank you for choosing Camera-M!


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