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Disk Space Pro is an app that shows disk drive information. This includes hard drives, external drives, network drives, DVD’s, CD’s, memory cards, and USB flash drives. Scan your home folders for a sortable list showing their size on your hard drive. Then single click in the scan results to drill down to subfolders. Disk Space Pro adds showing files and hidden items in scan results including Quick Look to view files. It also adds scanning any drive or folder and scan history. It has preferences to customize scan results and app settings. Plus many more new features.


- Size information for disk drives, network drives, DVD’s, CD’s, memory cards and USB flash drives
- Single click eject for DVD’s, CD’s, memory cards and USB flash drives
- Scan home folders for sortable results with size information and graphs.
- Single click drill down to subfolders in home folder scan results.
- Right click menu to Open in Finder for drives, folders, and files.
- Resizable window
- Full Screen mode
- Retina display support

Additional Pro Features:

- Select any drive folder or drive to scan
- Quick Look for files in scan results
- Shows hidden items in scan results
- Scan history to view previous scans
- Hide or show drives on the Disk Drives screen
- Select a custom home folder location
- Preference for file sizes to show in scan results
- Preference for hidden items to show in scan results
- Preferences to customize notifications
- Preferences to customize graphs

Important Note:

The first time that you use the home folders screen you need to complete a one time setup by selecting your home folder. If your home folder is not in the standard location, choose Custom Home from the main menu.

Disk Space Pro is a great way to look at your drive, folder, and file information. Just give it a try!

We'd like to know how to improve Disk Space Pro, Contact us at Abacus Industries http://www.abacusindustriesinc.com

Что нового

Версия 2.5.1

- Minor bug fixes.

Please leave an updated review to help us improve the app. Thanks for your support!

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считает только Home folder.
я, конечно, был счастлив узнать, что у меня home тянет на 20гб, но что занимает еще 100гб я так и не узнал.
при попытке посчитать объем '/' показало везде по нулям
нет навигации по секциям Selected Folder.
короче, шлак.

Ответ разработчика

The Disk Drives screen is standard information with a refresh button. We can't click scan on drives because of app permissions. The scanning has to be home folders or a user selected drive or folder. Thank you.


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