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The Ezzi Home is the most popular app to control your HomeKit-connected accessories from iPhone. Guess why? Because it really works. And we always improving it with your feedback. So do not hesitate to contact us if you have what to say =)

This app is a perfect way to:

• Access all your accessories from one screen;
• Manage and organize the devices by collecting them into pins. A pin can be set to correspond with any selection of devices: rooms / zones / groups / categories or users;
• View current and desired device parameters;
• Set the device parameters with just a tap;
• Add devices to different collections using pins like: "security", "all lights", "kitchen", etc;
• Control accessories in pins with Siri;
• Create scenes to control devices settings in different combinations and to apply them with one tap;
• Manage user properties and invite other people you want to control the accessories;
• Control all accessories within one home or create multiple homes.

How Ezzi Home app differs from other HomeKit apps?:

• Single interface & ezzi setup. No matter how many HomeKit-compatible devices do you have or planning to buy - just download the Ezzi Home app, connect your iPhone to your local WiFi & scan will run automatically. Thermostats, light bulbs, garage openers, door locks and conditioners - all from one app. No additional apps or hardware needed.
• Custom dashboard. You can create a collection of devices on a dashboard and name whatever you want. Define your own logic on how to group HomeKit-connected accessories. Devices or groups of devices, presets, rooms and homes, areas, zones, apartments - group them all in one collection (dash) and name as you wish.
• Slick design. We are passionate about making really handy app.
• Ezzi Home is absolutely free. No full screen ads, no push notification ads or any other pop-up ads!
• Online support. Contact us via built-in support chat inside the app and our support manager Xsenia will answer you in a few hours.

Built for HomeKit, Ezzi Home works with many sorts of devices that are compatible with HomeKit standard: smart thermostats and lights, door locks and window shades, air conditioners and fans, smoke and security sensors, switches and many more.

All accessories must be compatible with HomeKit to work with the app.

For more information go to: http://ezzi.com/home

Contact us on twitter @ezzihome or email us support@ezzi.com to leave feedback and follow to stay in touch with our latest news.

Что нового

Версия 0.9.6

Added Siri support!
Now you can control your HomeKit devices with voice commands. Just say Siri what to do and the pin name.
For example, you want to turn on your kitchen lights and you have created a pin named Kitchen with this lights. So just say "Turn on lights in Kitchen" to Siri and voila!
Want to set temperature in your bedroom lower? Say "Set temperature to /Desired_parameter/ degrees in /Pin_name/ (e.g., bedroom)

And again thanks you guys for your feedback, we appreciate it.
You help us creating best HomeKit control app for you :)


39.1 МБ
Образ жизни
Требуется iOS 9.0 или более поздняя версия. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.
Возраст: 4+


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