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FlightLink is the free, proprietary app that adds enhanced functionality to all Lightspeed headsets.

Flightlink works seamlessly with all new Lightspeed headsets to record and playback incoming and outgoing communications. When combined with the Zulu PFX ANR headset, Flightlink's enhanced capabilities include recording via Bluetooth and the ability to set a variety of personal audio and operational preferences.

FlightLink Recording Features

FlightLink is perfect for any pilot flying with an iPad or iPhone that wants to capture and retrieve in-flight communication. It is also a valuable tool for flight training at all levels because of its ability to capture the intercom communication of instructional flights.
• Record all activity over the intercom, including inbound and outbound transmissions, as well as in-cabin conversation.
• Instantly play back ATC calls or other communication from any point within the last two minutes of recording
• Create a permanent archive of all flight communications for post-flight briefing and training
• Store your recording library on your iPhone, iPad, or iTunes account.
• Easily register your Lightspeed headset and receive timely notices of updates, special offers and invitations from Lightspeed

FlightLink Personal Preference Features

In addition to its recording features, FlightLink’s enhanced capabilities allow Zulu PFX headset users to adjust a variety of audio and operational settings, creating a personalized flying experience:
• Customize audio settings for different aircraft or users
• Fine tune audio response for maximum voice clarity and music fidelity
• The Voice Clarity™ option boosts frequencies common in human speech without impacting the quality of music from auxiliary devices.
• View remaining battery life with the battery level indicator
• Enable / disable audible low battery alert
• Choose Auto Shutoff™ delay intervals
• Save custom settings in up to three personal profiles
• Register your headset over the internet


FlightLink’s recording features are designed to work seamlessly with all new Lightspeed Aviation headsets. Older Zulu.2 and Sierra headsets may qualify for a factory-installed retrofit at a nominal fee. For more information on a retrofit contact Lightspeed Customer Care by phone 800.332.2421 or e-mail at service@lightspeedaviation.com. The ability to set and save other audio and operational preferences through FlightLink is only available on the Zulu PFX headset.

Что нового

Версия 2.3

• Support for iOS 9
• Bug fixes
• Supports new Tango headset


Lightspeed Aviation
24.5 МБ
Требуется iOS 7.0 или более поздняя версия. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.
Возраст: 4+
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