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GoCoEdit - Code & Text Editor for FTP,SFTP,Dropbox

От Christoph Gogolin

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GoCodeEditor is a Code Editor optimized for fast opening and editing local and remote files on your iOS Device.

• Sublime like Code-Editor!

• Universal App (use it on your iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch)

• Full iPad Pro support (including smart keyboard support, shortcut, split-screen multitasking)

• Compatible with Apple Watch
Start a ssh-shell from your wrist right now!
Run your self defined scripts with one tap.

• Extra keybar with swipe functions and trackball to precisely move the cursor and select text

• Syntax highlighting
for many coding languages
(html, css, javascript (es6 support), php, ruby, rust, python, go, coffeescript, xml, markdown, lua, jade, java, c, c++, scala, swift, c#, shell, perl, asp /, r, sql, erlang, plist, rss, arduino, fortran, mathematica, dart, puppet, nginx, apache, jsx, typescript, latex/stex, objective-c)

• Some comfort features: code hinting, auto indent, auto close brackets, line wrapping, smart indent, tag and bracket matching, find by regular expression, replace, replace all, symbolic/function search for many syntax modes

• Quick CMD-mode (keep your hands on the On-Screen-Keyboard)
- p.e. press cmd+c, cmd+v to copy and paste selected text
- over 15 shortcuts supported

• Different themes ( include solarized, monokai and many more ) and font-sizes

• Import / export / open files from icloud drive and other file providers

• Open entire folders or repositories from the Git client Working Copy or Git2Go using the iOS document picker

• Extendable
- Custom Syntax Modes -- create your own Syntax highlighting modes
now you can write own modes and use it for your own file types
- Custom Themes -- create your own editor themes
- Snippets -- use short fragments of text again and again
( with filed and placeholders support )

• Preview Browser
( in iPad version resizeable for preview iPad or iPhone layouts )

• Connect to your servers via SFTP, FTP, DRIVE, ONEDRIVE or DROPBOX

• Upload and Download files/folders or edit files directly on your server/dropbox/drive/onedrive without download

• Very fast reconnect and recover of open files after restart

• Edit your files directly on your server without download.

• Integrated Shell (ssh) to perform background tasks like a Grunt, Gulp, npm or another shell job
( type direct or define scripts and run it with a single tap )

• Supporting iOS9, iOS10 features like textselection by cursor, Splitview and Slide-Over

• Supporting iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s+ 3D Touch
- Show/move cursor by 3D touch the keyboard
- Quick Actions (new file, start shell, connect shell to last server, show preview of last file)

• External/Bluetooth keyboard support
( all iOS shot-cut keys are supported + lots of shortcuts available )

• In Remote Ftp Mode *, app only needs port 80 (works on port-restricted lans)

* (optional) self-hosted "Connector" - available on Github:

If you want to support the project and increase the development speed become a patreon.

Что нового в версии 10.1

• • • NEW IN GoCoEdit 10.1 • • •
• Fixed a bug on iPad pro that let the settings flicker on scrolling

• • • NEW IN GoCoEdit 10.x • • •
• New feature "SNIPPETS"
- Snippets let you create text snippets for easy and fast use within the code hints
- You can also use fields and placeholders in your snippets
- Write it in XML or JSON
- Most Sublime Text compatible (XML snippets)
• New keyboard shortcut CMD+i to browse Snippets
• New CMD-Mode feature:
- Type ":s [snippet]" to search and insert a Snippet
• Regex compatibility for search and replace added.
• Rewritten in Swift 3.0
• New faster shell interpreter
• Shell can handle resizes like splitting the screen now
• Ready for iOS 10

• • • FIXED IN 10.0 • • •
• Fixed a upload/download bug where subfolders are empty
• UI improvements
• Many minor bugfixes

If you like GoCoEdit please write a short review on iTunes.
Thank you for reading :)

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Снимок экрана iPad 1
Снимок экрана iPad 2
Снимок экрана iPad 3
Снимок экрана iPad 4
Снимок экрана iPad 5
Снимок экрана iPhone 1
Снимок экрана iPhone 2
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GoCoEdit - Code & Text Editor for FTP,SFTP,Dropbox
Просмотреть в iTunes
Приложение для iPhone и iPad
Включает приложение для Apple Watch (для iPhone)
  • 529 р.
  • Категория: Производительность
  • Обновлено:
  • Версия: 10.1
  • Размер: 42.2 МБ
  • Apple Watch: Да
  • Язык: английский
  • Разработчик:

Совместимость: Требуется iOS 8.0 или более поздняя версия. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.

Оценки покупателей

Мы не получили достаточного количества оценок для этой версии, и приложение пока не имеет средней оценки.