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Use PokerStove on your PC? You need PokerSniper on your iPhone or iPod Touch!

PokerSniper builds on the popular PokerStove application for PC, bringing easy to input hand ranges to your pocket.

PokerSniper is a fast, powerful Texas Hold'em hand equity calculator that brings incredible flexibility to complex hand range calculations. Its simple but powerful design allows for quick use at the table between hands. Unlike many odds calculators that rely on time-consuming graphical interfaces, or require switching between multiple screens to input hands, PokerSniper gives you full power and flexibility on the one screen with its unique on-screen input pad. Input hands and hand ranges using straightforward but incredibly powerful notation familiar to users of PokerStove for PC. Power users will appreciate how much faster they will be able to do hand range analysis both at the table and anytime they are away from their PC.

Any combination of hands imaginable can be entered in seconds using the unique input pad. Random hands, Ax hands, suited and unsuited hands (AQs,AKo), closed ranges (77-TT), open-ended ranges (JJ+,K9+,A2s+) etc. Every possible combination is supported by PokerSniper.

NEW - % hands! Now you can specify a player's hand range as a %. For example, simply enter 15% and PokerSniper will give P1 a range of the top 15% of hands in Hold 'em, plus a quick visual summary of the hands included in that range eg, 15% (>ATo,77,KTo)

Eg, quickly calculate complex scenarios like:

P1: AA vs P2: JJ+,AJ+ vs P3: 20% (>A9o,66,JTo) on a board of QhQdTs can be entered in seconds using the input pad. (In case you're wondering, P1 still has 52.6% equity despite the pretty scary board)

Why is the ability to analyse hand ranges important?

It's important because poker is a game of incomplete information. Decisions in poker are based on the information available to you on each street about your opponents' likely holdings. Whilst each of your opponent's actions reveals information to you about his hand, it is unlikely that you will ever be able to say with certainty exactly which two cards your opponent is holding. What you will be able to do with practice however is to narrow down your opponent's holding to a "range" of hands. For example, a raise under the gun in a full ring game is likely to represent a stronger hand, (eg TT-AA,AJs,AQ,AK) than a limp from middle position (which might represent eg 22-77,A2s+,A8o-ATo,KT+,QJ,JT). PokerSniper enables you to make hand equity calculations against any range of hands for either one or multiple opponents.

Get your opponents in range, then shoot them down with PokerSniper!


- Runs locally on your iPhone or iPod Touch, no internet connection is required
- Retains last hand ranges entered
- Calculate hand equities on the flop, the turn and the river with the "Deal to..." function
- Simply tap the screen to switch easily between Hand Equity % and n:1 (Pot Odds) notation
- Hand Equities also displayed as Win/Tie/Lose percentages
- Enter either specific hands (eg AhKc), hand ranges (eg TT+,A9+), random hands (xxxx) or hand %'s (eg 25%). PokerSniper's notation capabilities are unparalleled
- Detailed help section with full hand entry instructions
- Calculate equities for up to 4 players

You can contact us with any questions or comments at

Что нового в версии 3.0

- Introducing advanced HAND WEIGHTING / EDIT COMBOS functionality. Version 3.0 of PokerSniper gives you the ability to review and edit the total number of hand combinations contained in your opponents' hand ranges - thereby enabling you to weight individual hands within a hand range. We think this is pretty darn cool. Let us know what you think of it.
- Dead cards. Version 3.0 allows you to enter both "Board" and "Dead" cards. Simply tap the "B" beside the board input box to toggle between the two different input fields. (Cards contained in the non-visible field will be displayed in red on the main screen).
- Up/Down arrows on the keypad. In addition to being used to adjust combos up/down in "Edit Combos" mode, these buttons also allow you to quickly adjust percentage hands up & down (with real-time updating of the individual hand range). This enables you to quickly hone in on the appropriate hand %.

- Introducing HAND % NOTATION! Now you can specify a player's hand range as a %. For example, simply enter 15% and PokerSniper will give P1 a range of the top 15% of hands in Hold 'em.
- This extremely powerful shorthand makes it even faster to analyse your equity vs an opponent's range. If you think your opponent is raising 50% of hands on the button, quickly and easily calculate how your hand (let's say KJs) does against his range... in this case, against the top 50% of hands, you're in pretty good shape with 56.8% equity.
- Beside the % on screen, see a useful shorthand to describe which hands are included in the range eg, 30% (>A5o,55,T9o)
- Now featuring DEAL to FLOP, TURN, and RIVER. Simply tap the screen to switch between Deal to Flop, Turn or River. Useful for gauging how often your hand will have improved on the flop or the turn.
- Hand ranges now dynamically resize within the Player input box so that you can always see exactly what you have entered for each player.
- Revised screen layout with an expanded keypad.

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Просмотреть в iTunes
  • 169 р.
  • Категория: Игры
  • Обновлено:
  • Версия: 3.0
  • Размер: 1.8 МБ
  • Язык: английский
  • Разработчик:
Возраст 12+
  • Часто/очень часто встречающиеся сцены с визуализацией азартных игр

Совместимость: Требуется iOS 3.0 или более поздняя версия. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.

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