The story takes place on a beautiful and mysterious land, where lives a variety of bizarre monsters. Each trainer has a dream in his mind -- to get his fondest monsters in search of this land and fight with them.
[Features of the game]
--Explore this vast and mysterious mainland
It’s worthwhile to search everywhere on this vast expanse of land. Defeat the annoying monsters and BOSSES that block your way; Help troubled inhabitants solve their problems in exchange for rich rewards; Bargain with vendors to buy rare goods. Moreover, lairs with haunting creeps, formidable force and ancient treasury in the desert ruins… They are all waiting for you.
--Utilize the restraint relationship to build various teams
The nine type monsters, with different skills and talents, reinforce and neutralize each other. Based on their restraint relationship, you can create a variety of teams -- Weather Group, Double Blade, Control Center… There’re only teams that you cannot image, yet no teams that you cannot build!
--Train strongest monsters through various ways
Upgrade brings higher level; Star-up increases stats growth; Awaken unlocks new skills. Also, skill upgrade, talent activation, personality cultivation… Training though various ways helps you get more and stronger monsters.
--Dominate the glorious ancient battlefield
Settle in this ancient battlefield with your dreaming monsters and fight with them in this place filled with treasures and dangers. Here, you may encounter close friends but also dreadful enemies. Who shall laugh last?
--Delicate and powerful training base
Bring the rare recipes gained through the adventures to the Blacksmith. Craftsmen there will prepare necessities for your next journey. Collect magic books scattered throughout the land. Learners in the holy Shrine will study the sealed magic to make you more powerful. Every time you come back to the base, it is for the purpose of travelling farther.

Are you ready to fight for your chance to become the best monster trainers? Download Haypi Monster 3 and start your adventure now!

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Что нового

Версия 2.0.14

- A Brand New Gameplay: The Dreamland Instance.
- Don't miss your 6th Anniversary Login Rewards for the Haypi Monster.
- Join the Christmas and New Year Limited Activity.
- Encounter the Plutus Cat (Lucky Cat) in the Underground Adventure.

● Optimizations
- Added the monster details on the grids of Venture and Instances.
- New features in monsters skills and talents page. Now you can see the detailed instructions of Combat Status caused by Skills or Talents.
- Now you can skip the combat immediately when it's started.
- Added the materials output details of Underground Adventure on each maps.
- Partial awaken and mutation materials of Legendary Monsters are returning to the Market.
- Creating a league now requires a higher trainer level and more resources.
- Unlocking Ladder now requires a higher trainer level.
- Optimized the gaming experience in exploring the Instances.
- You're allowed to scout the grids under protection on Battlefield.
- Increased the chance of obtaining better rewards by opening Chests from Battlefield in your Warehouse.
- Adjusted the scores calculation methods on partial activities.
- We're going to have a bigger Underground Treasury.
- Made a slightly optimization on the output of Underground Adventure. You're allowed to encounter Epic Monsters, Epic Skill Monsters and Crunchy in earlier Venture map. Increased the cost of Stamina for entering Instances of Legendary Skill Monsters.
- Adjusted the Monster Lairs in Underground Adventure. Replaced Anki and Pinchey with Fritz.
- Adjusted the output of Verdant Cavern on Battlefield. You will see Anki in Primary Arena. Added extra Ricky lairs in Advanced Arena. Added extra Yaki lairs in Supreme Arena. Added extra Poe lairs in Honor Domain. Added extra Snate lairs in Kingdom Core.
- Adjusted the output of Venture Lairs. You have extra opportunities to capture partial Epic and Legendary Monsters. (Fragments)
- Made a slightly optimizations on Today Supplement and Yesterday Resources of Trainer Guild.
- Made a slightly optimizations on the rewards of Haunt Encounter.
- Made a slightly optimizations on partial Growth Bundles.

● Monsters Adjustments
- Three types of Talents can be resisted now, which are Talents that prevent opponent's talent from being activated, taunt opponents to attract specific skills and prevent specific skills from being used. The probability of resistance depends on the quality and level of skills and talents.
- Adjusted the skills priority of partial monsters.
- If monsters were forced to leave combat, they'll enter the combat again in the last row.
- Seedling, the new Plant Legendary monster, is available in this version. Its awaken material is available in Market, Treasure Hall and Pack Bundle.
- Glacie, the new Ice Epic monster, is available in this version. Its mutation material is available in the Limited Activity.
- Released the mutation evolution for Ice Legendary monster, Frospard. Its mutation material is available in Market and Treasure Hall.
- Released the mutation evolution for Ice Epic monster, Smowary. Its mutation material is available in Limited Activity, Treasure Hall and the Battlefield Honor Shops from Advanced or inner arena.
- Released the mutation evolution for Plant Elite monster, Prickolo. Its awaken material is available in Market.
- Optimized the design for the following monsters. Leon, Robo, Vertedeath, Brawny, PC-01Soul, Skeleton Mage and Branchy.
- Monster will no longer Taunt opponents when it's alone in the combat. It costs 2PP on Taunt skill for Hippo now.
- Star up Panthera no longer requires specific monster as material.
- Level up the Wraith Gift, Talent of Phanshee, requires less Runestones now.
- Fixed an issue that causes the abnormal priority on Triple Punch, Skill of Panda, from attacking Sleeping opponents.
- Fixed the bug that prevents Rogue, Talent of Champ, from being normally activated.
- Other known bugs fix and performance improvement.

Оценки и отзывы

4.2 из 5
Оценок: 22
Оценок: 22
IFr1z ,


Not bad

JuHgo02 ,

Can’t play

After update game is crushing on iPhone
Check pls

RuBarsBelchonok ,


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Возраст: 4+
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