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Logoist 2

От Synium Software GmbH

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From simple logos, banners, icons, postcards, and buttons to complex vector art- Logoist 2 for Mac helps you create impressive illustrations and images. With its advanced layers, groups, and beautiful effects and filters there is no limit to your creativity. Create images from any shape or path, or use the large clip art gallery. Logoist 2 is the ideal tool to translate your ideas into images.

For projects you wish to complete quickly simply use one of the template wizards. It's a matter of a few steps to create ready-to-use postcards and galleries that you can further refine and edit as you please. Export your project as an image, vector image or photoshop file. Logoist 2 also features iCloud integration, offering optional and on-demand access to the latest versions of all your images and projects on all your Mac computers.

Logoist 2 has been created for entry-level and professional users alike. It provides professional users with unique and powerful tools and ensures an easy start to vector graphics editing for complete beginners.

Logoist 2's features:

- a clean and completely redesigned user interface
- a broad range of effects and styles
- thousands of clip art images with multiple themes
- easy creation of paths and shapes
- template wizards

- groups with any number of elements
- clearly arranged layer management
- vector as well as raster graphics
- export projects as images, vector images, or photoshop files
- file sync via iCloud
- quick and easy sharing and publishing of images via e-mail, iMessage, Facebook, Twitter...
- flexible Boolean operations (combination, subtraction, cutting and intersection)
- option to combine vector and raster effects in one image
- keep an overview of complex projects with the x-ray mode

In short: Logoist 2 offers endless possibilities to indulge your creativity!

Что нового в версии 2.6.1

- SVG Export
- EPS Export
- Improved PDF Export

- Optimised performance on OS X El Capitan using Metal

- Better vector export
- Borders and many other filters are now exported as vector graphics
- Warnings added for filters and fills that cannot be exported as vector

- New Template system
- Create your own templates for commonly reused graphics
- Many included templates (badges, buttons, cliparts)
- Templates are shared across documents

- Startup Window improved
- Recent Documents are now displayed in the Startup Window for quick access
- Faster startup speed

- Improved rulers
- Improved performance
- New samples added

Version 2.6.1 fixes an issue using the Pinch-To-Zoom-Gesture on El Capitan

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Отзывы покупателей

Thanks for SVG support

Наконец-то приделали экспорт в формате SVG, что повысило ценность этой программы в моих глазах в разы.
Так что, теперь можно без особых усилий не только печатать логотипы, пакеты и все такое, но и экспортировать работу для web.
Саму функцию экспорта, правда, пока еще не протестировал в реальной работе, так как не было необходимости, но когда такая необходимость была, приходилось устраивать танцы с бубном, чтобы сделать svg-файл для сайта.

Logoist 2
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  • Категория: Графика и дизайн
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  • Версия: 2.6.1
  • Размер: 138 МБ
  • Языки: русский, английский, голландский, испанский, итальянский, немецкий, польский, португальский, французский, чешский
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Совместимость: OS X 10.9 или более поздняя версия, 64-разрядный процессор

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