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Some people believe money grows on trees. Others prefer to rely on hard work like clicking for money or digging gold in the mine. If you’re the latter one, play Miner Clicker game and join hundreds of heroes crafting never-ending adventure of tapping, clicking and digging!

Build your own mine
Miner Clicker is a classic idle clicker game, which starts with building your own mine! Build your first tiny shaft and assemble little miners for this idle adventure. Feel a gold rush and unleash your inner greed by crafting a money farm! Your little miners will work tirelessly to satisfy your hunger for gold and you’re the boss, so stay idle! Games like this often ends here, but it’s not a case in Miner Clicker!

Game of mine begins!
Money likes to multiply - gold likes it too! Invest in your inc by building new miners’ huts in just few clicks and enhance every dungeon of your own! Miner Clicker is a idle clicker game of adventure, that lets you upgrade your buildings just by clicking on them! Click and watch how your empire grows - it’s an truly idle adventure! As a capitalist you can’t forget about your little miners. Clicking a few more clicks will transform them into real mine heroes, thus digging more and more gold! Isn’t it a true money farm? Crafting & clicking like in best idle games!

Secure your mine
Away from the surface your little miners may dig something better than gold like… Mana Stones! These shards are rare, idle loot, but provide great boost to efficiency of your miners! Digging in mine can be dangerous, so don’t think you can stay completely idle. Heroes of your mine might be attacked by monsters like golden golems! Click to dispose them and make your mine prosper again! Be watchful and soon you realize, that in this idle clicker game hard work of every mine digger is worth thousands of gold!

• Build your own mine! Become a mine builder in a classic idle clicker game!
• Dozens of enhancements - a clicker game with upgrades.
• Find Mana Stones and perform rituals to boost your idle adventure.
• Become a miner tycoon! Just by tapping, clicking and digging!

Miner Clicker is one of the best idle games on the store! Build your own mine, hire little miners, dig gold and prosper! Time is money, so don’t waste your time and DOWNLOAD this idle adventure of heroes & crafting now!

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99.5 МБ
Потрібна iOS 7.0 або новішої версії. Сумісність із iPhone, iPad і iPod touch.
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Надано вікове обмеження 9+ через наступне:
Рідкі/помірні сцени насильства в мультфільмах чи вигаданих історіях
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