Снимки экрана (iPhone)


** This app plays music from your iTunes Library **

The jog.fm iPhone app: The fitness app that moves you.

It plays music from your iTunes library that matches your running pace.

** Just launch it and run! **

The jog.fm app detects how fast you're running and plays the best songs automatically.

** No run will ever be the same **

One day Foreigner might push you the extra step. The next day, Lil Wayne may take over. Get a unique, up-beat playlist every time you run.

** Keep the perfect pace **

Prefer a consistent pace? No problem. You can easily set a pace for yourself. You can even include a warmup song if you'd like.

** It's YOUR music. **

A run is a terrible time to have to skip through tons of songs you don't like. Everyone's got their own taste in workout music. That's why the app plays YOUR music from YOUR iTunes library.

** It's here to help. **

Need a speed boost while you're running? Just press the speed buttons in the app. Cooling down? Press the down arrow.

Got a song that helps get you going? Set it as a "Pump Up Song" and you can play it when you need it the most.

** It's super smart. **

The app learns which songs you don't like while running & it stops playing them. Simple as that.

Want more control? You can also set a blacklist of songs that you don't ever want the jog.fm app to play.

If you love a song, you can flag it during or after your run and it'll be played more often.

** It plays nice. **

Do you use other fitness apps like RunKeeper or Nike+ (in "outdoor" mode)? Just launch the other fitness app first, then launch jog.fm. Works like a charm.

In Nike+, make sure you go to "Settings" and be sure to turn off "Music Tied to Run Controls"

** Please Note **

The jog.fm app must remain on top with the screen on while running.

Do not turn your screen off while running.

This app is not a streaming service. It plays music from your iTunes library.

There is a one-time setup that will take about one minute (depending on the size of your library). The app needs to analyze your songs to figure out which ones to play. An internet connection (WiFi recommended) is required for this setup step because the app is powered by the Echo Nest.

This app is not yet compatible with iTunes Match. It'll work, but you may find some long gaps between songs.

This app is for running or walking. We are working on adding more workouts soon!

Please do not run or walk in traffic.

Что нового

Версия 1.5.4

This version fixes every single issue with ibrary scanning and management issues you may have had. And if you didn't have an issue -- even better!

Please keep the feedback coming!

Оценки и отзывы

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Отсутствует совместимость с IPhone X
Отсутствует русификация
Купил за 279 рублей, в магазине куча бесплатных программ с таким функционалом..



Хорошая программа, из того, что лежит в iPod, на бегу, учитывая темп, проигрывает, практически всегда попадая в такт. Подбирает музыку неплохо, иногда поглючивает в режиме автоматического определения. Но в общем - аналогов практически нет.



Все работает. Не понравилось что дисплей включен, в бэкграунде не работает. Так за 3 часа вместе с RunKeeper разрядят телефон


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Требуется iOS 8.0 или более поздняя версия. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.
русский, английский, испанский, немецкий, румынский, французский
Возраст: 4+
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