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Maths Practice Exam Creator - Year 10

От Eureka Multimedia Pty Ltd

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Eureka's Practice Exam Creator will help to test and reinforce the lessons taught in class.

Students can compare and identify mistakes by following detailed step-by-step solutions helping to improve performance.

* Maths skills improve with practice.
* Improved performance creates confidence.
* Confident kids succeed!


* Covers the entire year's maths syllabus.
* Generates 1000's of practice exam questions.
* Detailed step-by-step worked solutions.
* Automatically saves and graphically displays exam results.
* Based on Australian schools maths curricula.

Some of the topics covered:

• Indices
- Index Notation
- Index Laws
- Negative Indices
- Fractional Indices
- Scientific Notation
- Comparing Numbers Expressed in Scientific Notation
- Calculations in Scientific Notation Using the Index Laws

• Consumer Arithmetic
- Simple Interest
- Compound Interest
- Compound Interest Formula
- Comparison of Simple Interest and Compound Interest
- Depreciation
- Budget
- Profit and Loss
- Discounts
- Successive Discounts
- Paying with Cash
- Lay-by
- Buying on Terms
- Deferred Payment
- Interest-Free Terms
- Credit Cards
- Loan Repayments

• Ratio, Rates and Scale Drawing
- Simplifying Ratios
- Increasing or Decreasing a Quantity in a Given Ratio
- Dividing Quantities in a Given Ratio
- Proportion
- Scale Drawing
- Calculating Rates
- Calculating Quantities Using Rates
- Converting Rates

• Geometry
- Polygons
- Internal and external Angle Sum of a Polygon
- Congruence
- Congruent Triangles
- Tests for Congruent Triangles
- Proving Congruence
- Applications of Congruence Tests
- Similarity
- Transformations
- Similar Triangles
- Locus

• Equations and Inequalities
- Linear Equations
- Solving Worded Problems Using Linear Equations
- Quadratic Equations
- Formulae
- Inequalities
- Graphing Inequalities
- Solving Simultaneous Equations Non-Algebraically
- Solving Simultaneous Equations Graphically
- Solving Simultaneous Equations Algebraically
- Solving Worded Problems Using Simultaneous Equations

• Coordinate Geometry
- Coordinates of a Point
- Length of an Interval
- Midpoint of an Interval
- Gradient of a Line
- Finding the Gradient of a Line
- Parallel Lines
- Graphs of Linear Relations
- Sketching a Linear Graph
- Points Lying on a Line
- Horizontal and Vertical Lines
- Gradient-Intercept Form of a Linear Equation
- General Form of a Linear Equation
- Graphs of Non-Linear Relations
- The Parabola
- The Hyperbola

• Surface Area and Volume
- Surface Area
- Surface Area of a Right Prism
- Surface Area of a Cylinder
- Surface Area of Composite Solids
- Volume
- Volume of a Right Pyramid
- Volume of a Right Circular Cone
- Volume of a Sphere
- Volume of Composite Solids
- Capacity
- Applications of Surface Area and Volume

• Data and Statistics
- Features of a Data Display
- Measures of Central Tendency
- Grouped Data
- Histograms and Frequency Polygons Using Grouped Data
- Cumulative Frequency Histogram and Polygon
- Finding the Median From the Cumulative Frequency Polygon
- Quartiles
- Measures of Spread and Standard Deviation
- Using a Calculator to Find the Mean and Standard Deviation
- Box-and-Whisker Plot
- Scatter-Plot
- Time Series

• Trigonometry
- Identifying and Naming the Sides of a Right-Angled Triangle
- Ratios of Sides in Similar Right-Angled Triangles
- Trigonometric Ratios
- The Calculator in Trigonometry
- Finding Angles of a Right-Angled Triangle
- Finding the Length of a Side of a Right-Angled Triangle
- Complementary Angles in Trigonometry
- The Tangent Ratio
- The Tangent Ratio and the Gradient of a Line
- Angles of Elevation and Depression
- Directions and Bearings

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Maths Practice Exam Creator - Year 10
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  • Релиз: 19.06.2012
  • Версия: 1.0.0
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  • Язык: английский
  • Разработчик: Eureka Multimedia Pty Ltd

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