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In the middle of space stands a solitary lighthouse. A beacon of light for travellers lost. Inhabited by a little robot and his friend, an elderly tinker who built him. They would often play games for fun but their very favourite thing was sitting together, watching the stars glisten. One unusual day however there were no stars to be seen, they had just gone!…

Guide Rocket ROBO around 3 wonderful worlds; Material World, Space Station and Sugar Cube; across 57 levels in an attempt to retrieve the lost stars, find out why they were stolen and restore power to the lighthouse where Rocket ROBO was created.

== Key features ==
• A slick side scrolling puzzle game
• Innovative tilt based 2.5d gameplay with depth interaction
• Rotate worlds
• Control gravity
• Teleportation
• Play with water and buoyancy
• Hidden treasure
• Beautiful 3D environments
• Engaging music

== Reviews ==
4.5 / 5 and Editors Choice - 148apps.com "Rocket ROBO's combination of whimsical graphics and impeccable gameplay is just stellar.”

IGN.com - “This one caught me by surprise, and so much so that I had to award it the top spot in the big Thursday update.”

4.5 / 5 -appgefahren.de “Rocket Robo is definitely worth the money. The graphics are beautiful and the control is simply out of hand.... Rocket Robo is one of our favourites of the month.” (Translated)

Apple App Store - In 'Best New Games' in 106 countries

iplayapps.de - “undoubtedly one of the most lovingly crafted casual and puzzle games we've seen in the AppStore. We hope that the title creates a major breakthrough…. in our opinion a must-download!” (Translated)

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Что нового

Версия 1.23

+ A whole new world to explore, called ‘Sugar Cube'.
+ 9 additional levels including an end of game Boss.
+ New music written for the final level
+ A mute option for the music and allows playback of personal music from the device’s internal music player (e.g. iTunes)
+ An end of game summing up story
+ Some of the more difficult levels have been made a little easier.
+ There is a new item, which is a mine inside a crate box, so it can be pushed around to different parts of the environment
+ There’s a candy gate which can be opened if you have the correct number of gems (the hidden gems from other levels)
+ It has whisks
+ Now has levels with hundreds of candy balls which you need to move through the level
+ Slight performance improvements
+ Some audio balancing improvements

Оценки и отзывы

4.2 из 5

Оценок: 6

Оценок: 6

Симпатично, но совсем не интересно


Совершенно бестолковая детская простенькая игра. Она будет интересна разве что детям, так как неплохо нарисована.

Все на пять! Всем качать!


Смотрите видео, решайте, игр подобного плана совсем не о чем, графика, игра, звук,очень даже! Главное не на время! Без рекламы и встроенных покупок. Просто играешь и отдыхаешь. Конфетка!
iOS 9.1. iPad Air.
п.с. Некоторые просто заелись!

Отличная игра

Сергей 321

Отличная детская игра. Ребенку нравится. В мне очень нравится фоновая музыка - спокойная, умиротворяющая. Только после обновления до 9.1 музыка перестала проигрываться. Только за это ставлю 3. А раньше поставил бы 5.


Aaron McElligott
238.4 МБ
Требуется iOS 5.1 или более поздняя версия. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.
Возраст: 4+
© 2013 Bad Kraken Games
149 р.


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