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The app is working in the demo mode for now. We will send you the notification when the real loans are available for vouching.

Are you thinking of making some extra money? Now you can do that by helping borrowers from different countries to get loans on fair conditions.
With Suretly, you can start earning extra money today. No minimum balance is required.
This is not an investment and you shall not lend money to anyone (like in case of p2p lending platforms). You only help people to get loans on better conditions and get paid for it! This is an absolutely new way to make money.

Suretly is the first crowdvouching platform. Thousands of borrowers from different countries are searching for people who could act as a surety while they are receiving a loan (we call them vouchers).
Borrowers are ready to pay for it because the lender will reduce the interest rate.
The Suretly app users study the borrower’s profile with photos and some data, vouching for them (swipe to the right) or refusing them (swipe to the left).
The reward goes to the voucher’s account right after the loan is issued!
Note that the voucher guarantees only a small portion of a loan sum. The borrower will have to find dozens of vouchers to receive a loan. Therefore, the amount of one vouching will be from $2 to $10 USD.
This is not much! So, why is it worth a mention? Sometimes borrowers do not pay the debts. In that case, vouchers will have to pay the debt instead of them. However, due to the small vouching amount each time, you only risk losing a small sum of money.
When you become a voucher, you accept the obligations for the entire loan term (from 10 to 30 days)

How can you understand whether you should vouch for this particular person or not? Pay attention to their rating and the statistical probability of the loan return.
For instance, the rating “A” is for borrowers with the highest return rate. The statistical loan return for the “A” borrowers is over 90%, which is the percentage of returned loans among all borrowers of this category.
You will find this data in the app (on the borrower’s profile).
Borrowers who have lower ratings are ready to pay more to the vouchers. Upon that, they are incentivized to pay the loan back on time as this will improve their rating and help them to get a cheaper loan next time. The Suretly app allows users to decide for themselves if it is worth it to vouch for such a borrower and how many vouchings like that they are ready to make.
Neither Suretly nor vouchers lend money directly to borrowers. All loans are issued by our partners - licensed lending companies from different countries. Suretly works only with partners whose business is built on the high-quality scoring of the borrowers (licensed lenders).
Therefore, the system will receive applications only from those people who have been verified. This means that there are no scammers among them.


You can use the demo-mode of the Suretly app to readily examine it in action. In the demo-mode, you can vouch for the virtual borrowers with virtual money. Their behavior is based on the real borrowers’ statistics.
Thus, statistics in the demo mode somewhat reflect the reality, and you can try different vouching tactics to find the most profitable one.

User-friendly interface which you will understand in a couple of minutes (there are built-in tips)
Easy to vouch: swipe right to vouch for the borrower, swipe left to deny
Fast top-up and withdrawal of money
Reliable data for the borrowers’ estimations
Convenient tracking of your rewards and losses
Earn money wherever you are, spending only a few minutes per day!

Что нового

Версия 1.1.100

A history of transactions has become available in the application. Users may now trace the movement of funds and the current status of operations. Also, some bugs were fixed.

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4.3 из 5
Оценок: 35
Оценок: 35


Здравствуйте! Когда запуск в этой стране?

Ответ разработчика

Здравствуйте! Спасибо, что установили приложение!
Сначала мы запустим проект в России, а уже потом будем выходить в другие страны.
Мы бы с радостью назвали точные даты запуска в Украине, но пока сами их не знаем. Обязательно сообщим, как только определимся.

С уважением,
команда Suretly

Максим Елепин

Боюсь за всё

Вы не обманывайте людей? Ну деньги с их телефона не снимаете?

Ответ разработчика

Максим, здравствуйте! Нет, об этой возможности мы как-то не задумывались. Решили по старинке делать бизнес, помогая зарабатывать на поручительствах.

ps Это значит - не обманываем и не снимаем.

Всегда Ваша, команда Suretly



Пока работает только демо режим! Можно положить деньги на счет, можно их вывести, по моему опыту, достаточно быстро. Жаль, что нет активных заявок. Но вроде бы скоро они появятся.

Ответ разработчика

Спасибо, рады, что приложение понравилось!

Команда Suretly


55 МБ
Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
English, Russian, Spanish
Rated 4+


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