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Over 41,000 happy customers and hundreds of five-star ratings. Teleprompter Premium is used by television and movie studios including ABC, CBS, BBC, Fox, ITV, Channel 4 and UKTV.

Teleprompter Premium is the truly professional teleprompter system for your iPad and iPhone.

Top features:
– Import PDF, Word, Powerpoint, txt and rtf files instantly from any of your favourite apps
– Native support for iPhone X
– Enable 'Mirroring' to reflect the text for use in professional teleprompter rigs
– Use your device camera to record your scripts
– Use any connected keyboard to control scrolling and speed of your scripts remotely
– Use any other iOS device monitor and control scrolling and speed of your scripts remotely
– Use your Mac to control scrolling and speed over Bluetooth
– Compatible with IKAN Elite Remote
– Add cue points to your script by inserting ">>>"
– Re-arrange your scripts by title, date or arrange them in a custom order
– AirDrop your saved scripts to nearby devices
– Export and share your scripts with others quickly
– Export your scripts as Rich Text (.rtf) files to edit on any computer, tablet of smartphone
– Optimised for all device sizes and both landscape and portrait operation
– Use Timed Scrolling to have your script scroll from start to end in a specified amount of time
– Compose and edit scripts with the built-in script composer
– Use rich text formatting including highlights, colours, bold, italic and underline
– Easily export all of your script and settings to share with others, or as a backup file
- Use Apple Watch to control the scrolling of your script on your connected iPhone

Recent customer reviews:

"We use the Teleprompter Premium App as our Teleprompter. It has taken us from an avg of 5/8 takes to 2! It reduces studio time and eliminates editing and splicing takes all together! Thanks for a GREAT resource!"

"As a keynote speaker at several events a year, I was searching for an app that would allow me to control the speed in which my presentation scrolls - AND one that is easy to read. THIS accomplishes both. I'm THRILLED with it!"

"Made a HUGE difference in what we're able to do with videos!!!! Thanks for making a great product at an affordable price."

"With lifetime of international broadcasting I can assure you Teleprompter Premium is easy to install, easy to use and 100% professional"

"Best app around. Great support. Continued improvement and updates."

"It is worth every penny just for the customer service. We began using the app in my high school broadcast journalism class about 6 months ago and on several occasions have had a question/ needed help in the middle of class. We send an email and within ONE MINUTE we receive a reply. This is especially helpful when you are in the middle of class and need a quick reply."

Teleprompter is designed for presentations, lectures, broadcasters, filmmakers, YouTubers, musicians & singers, business professionals, or any public speaking!

Что нового

Версия 3.2.1

More continued updates and improvements for everyone:
– Added "W" and "S" keyboard commands to change scroll direction
– Improved Bluetooth connection reliability
– Fixed Bluetooth bug causing crashes in rare scenarios

Оценки и отзывы

dmk.sh ,

Ужасная реализация управления

При любом действии на iPhone (в связке iPhone - iPad через Bluetooth): переход на главный экран, смена активного приложения, вызов пункта управления и тд., разрывает логическую связь между устройствами. Текст перестает управляется, при подгрузке другого скрипта, он не отображается на управляющем (iPhone), устройстве.
Постоянно приходится принудительно закрывать приложение и открывать заново на обоих устройствах. Причем последовательность действий такая: открываешь приложение на iPad и iPhone, в iPhone нажимаешь кнопку Connect, далее на iPad запускаешь нужный скрипт, только тогда все работает.
В общем очень сыро для приложение за такие деньги.

true_reporter ,

The update is inconvenient

In the old version, when you wanted to use another device as a controller, you had to tap the controller screen once. Now for this there are two buttons that are close to each other. It is necessary to constantly look at the controller screen, so as not to miss. This greatly complicates the work.

Ilyas Yakubov ,

Just works

App just works, all functionality is available.


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10.8 МБ

Требуется iOS 11.0 или более поздняя версия. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.



Возраст: 4+
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