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The Early Edition 2

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The App Store's most beautiful news reader, giving you complete control over the content you see, in a form you'll enjoy. Watch the video demo at

The Early Edition 2 is a beautiful, up-to-the-minute newspaper that puts you in the editorial seat.

Now sporting a gorgeous column-based page layout, The Early Edition 2 uses an algorithm to intelligently position stories based on their content. This means every page is now both beautiful and dynamic.

Page turns can now follow your finger which looks stunning. Or you can simply swipe horizontally or tap the edge of the page.

Are you missing Reader? The Early Edition 2 now supports syncing with Feedly so you can keep track of articles you've read on the web as well as on your iPad.

Sharing services include: Twitter, Facebook, Instapaper, Readability, Read It Later, Delicious, Evernote & Pinboard.

Our intuitive multitouch interface strips back visual clutter so you can focus on the news. The main newspaper view is now completely free of buttons in both orientations which means you can simply enjoy browsing and reading your paper.

All images are now cached on the device so if you go out of network coverage, you still get the full reading experience. Also, you can choose to either load images in real-time while you navigate the paper or set it to preload all images. Preloading images is especially useful for Wifi iPads or use when a 3G network is unavailable such as flights.

Tapping any image in the main paper view takes you to a swipeable gallery mode, perfect for photography, design or comic feeds. Swipe vertically to view all the images in a single story or horizontally to view images from the next or previous story.

The entire paper is now searchable. And if there are particular search terms you use frequently, you can save them for one-tap searching anytime in the future.

Sometimes there just isn't time to keep up with the flow of news pouring in. Now you can star stories as you browse, and they get sent straight to your Clippings shoebox for later reading.

This is our curated list of suggestions for topics and news sources. From here you can preview and subscribe to interesting feeds that you may not have discovered yet.

We've implemented a lot of gestures to make navigating The Early Edition 2 both quick and amazingly fun to use.

Что нового в версии 2.6.11

After breaking and then fixing the news, we thought we should do something nice for you, so we optimised the app size! You’ve got more room for those selfies now.


Layout issue in Readability mode? Fixed.
Crash when loading images and swiping? Fixed.
Crash on action sheet in web mode? Fixed.
Screen freeze on loading certain articles? Fixed.


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Отзывы покупателей

Fantastic design

I really like this app

Really good!

This app stopped working with Pocket.


The Early Edition 2 and Reeder 2 are simply the best RSS readers for iOS with standalone mode. Both have some bugs or lack some features.
This app is designed to make newspaper-like experience. Generally, it feels just right. Please fix this:
1. When you open an article in normal or web mode, it doesn't feel like turning the page, it opens as a window instead. Please add a page curl effect to it just as it's done for the page turn.
2. Please add feed settings for opening the article or web view. Some feeds provide only a little text in the feed so it makes sense to open web view.
3. Fonts are good and even support national character sets — thank you very much for this! If you will add a font selector for all fonts installed on the device (via FondFont or AnyFont) to choose for 1. titles, 2. page captions, 3. main text, 4. article reader, it will become even better.
4. Please add a font size selector for the newspaper view.
5. Please add more font sizes for the article view.
6. Please add less contrasty color schemes for article view.
7. Please add separate buttons for Instapaper mobilizer view and web view.
8. When you share via Twitter, it selects wrong twitter account, if you have 2 or more. You can log out and login endlessly, you simply haven't access to one of them. So if you have 2 accounts, you get second when you select first, and you never get first at all.
9. Please add system share extension with text selection support, to call Drafts 4 and other apps.
10. The feed links search doesn't work well on some pages.
11. The current view mode for starred articles isn't comfortable. It will be good to have the newspaper view mode for starred items in the same way as Unread — so that we will have them sorted by channel.

Thank you in advance!

The Early Edition 2
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  • 229 р.
  • Категория: Новости
  • Обновлено:
  • Версия: 2.6.11
  • Размер: 53.5 МБ
  • Язык: английский
  • Разработчик:

Совместимость: Требуется iOS 7.0 или более поздняя версия. Совместимо с iPad.

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