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An intuitive interface, jam-packed with features, powerful customisation and flawless accuracy. The Metronome is a must-have for every musician.


We didn’t like existing metronome apps very much. So we made a better one. The Metronome by Soundbrenner is designed to be a professional tool to help all musicians to play with rock-solid precision. It's a powerful companion for everyone, regardless of instrument choice or skill level. The Metronome by Soundbrenner works great for daily practice, live performances or in the recording studio.

- Precise metronome packed into an intuitive, beautiful interface.
- Change your time signature, choose a subdivision and set accents.
- Powerful customization. Choose from different click sounds, enable Camera LED/Screen flash.
- World class setlist management. Save your own rhythms and load them in the Metronome.
- Dark and light theme designed to be functional. You have the power of choice.

"It's sleek and easily understood in seconds. And the controls are great, fast and intuitive. It's what all musicians need." - Pete Korpela (Percussionist, played with Robbie Williams, Josh Groban, The Lion King National Tour, Cirque Du Soleil, Death Cab for Cutie, Jesse Carmichael from Maroon 5 and many more)

Soundbrenner was previously featured on Techcrunch, Gizmodo, Guitar Player, Guitar.com, MusicRadar, CNET, Yahoo, VentureBeat, ZDNet, Gizmag and SlashGear.

About Soundbrenner:
We're building the future of rhythm. We're also the makers of the world's first smart wearable for musicians. Learn more on www.soundbrenner.com

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Что нового

Версия 1.10.0

The holidays are finally upon us, and we’ve prepared not one, but two special gifts for you in this holiday update! Get ready 'cause we’re going to end the year with a BANG!

We strive to make The Metronome app the best it can be. If you have a spare minute, please leave a review for our app. It’s a huge help! Thank you.


16 brand new sounds, with 2 especially recommended by the World’s Most Recorded Drummer, John “JR” Robinson.
MIDI over Bluetooth enabled! Connect the Soundbrenner Pulse to any DAW that supports Bluetooth MIDI via our app. You can even connect multiple Soundbrenner Pulse devices to your DAW, keeping the entire band in time. Available on December 21st.

UI for the iPhone X, making it look even better on the larger screen.

No more annoying crashes on iPhone 4S.

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4.9 из 5

Оценок: 28

Оценок: 28

Отличное приложение.

alex'z - number of the best

Все продумано. Функционал отличный.
1. Не хватило возможности автоматического увеличения темпа по заданным параметрам, для обучения.
2. Официально не подаётся в России. Теряете большой рынок, господа.

Есть проблема

Andy п

В восторге от всего, но есть одна проблема с приложением, заедает Click буквально на 1/32 смещается. Исправте! хочу и дальше с удовольствием пользоваться именно им. И если сделаете управление метрономом с заблокированного экрана iPhone, то он будет бесценен! Надеюсь на исправления))

Don’t know why it isn’t on top


Best metronome for smartphones. Only one thing I miss... I need a voice count, like “one and two and....”


Soundbrenner Limited
72.6 МБ
Требуется iOS 9.2 или более поздняя версия. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.
русский, английский, испанский, итальянский, корейский, немецкий, португальский, традиционный китайский, упрощенный китайский, французский, японский
Возраст: 4+
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