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Time is the most precious resource that we have in our lives. The way you decide to spend your time has a paramount effect on your life.

I personally wasn't happy with the way I was spending my time, so I decided to build a tool to help myself and others figure out a way to become more efficient. Timelines has been enabling me and other users understand where our time is actually going, helping us improve our routines and achieve more in our lives. I sincerely believe it can do the same for you.
– Lukas Petr, independent developer of Timelines

Timelines has been featured by Apple in New Apps We Love section, and highlighted on Product Hunt, 9To5Mac, MacStories, WatchAware, and AppAdvice.

These are the steps that you go through when using Timelines:
1. Track your time.
2. See where it goes. Discover how some of it gets wasted.
3. Improve your routine. Reduce time-wasting activities, increase efficiency.
4. Repeat.

The main features of Timelines

• Interactive timeline – See the big picture of weeks and months or the nitty gritty details of specific days.
• Track any activity – You can create a 'timeline' for anything you want. Just type a name, pick a color and you're ready to start tracking it.
• Quick time tracking – You can start and stop timers with just 1 tap.
• Today widget – Save yourself time by starting timers directly from the lock screen. Just swipe left and tap to start a specific timer.
• Statistics – See where your time goes on a pie chart. Quickly change interval by scrolling on the timeline.
• Reminders – Help yourself get into the habit of using timers. Get notified to start/stop timers after a certain time of activity/inactivity. You can also act on reminders directly in the notification, or mute them for the rest of the day.
• Exporting to files – Export to highly visual PDF which is ready to be printed, or CSV which is perfect for further processing.

Additional features

• Subcategories – If you want more detailed records, you can assign names to each tracked event and then see breakdown of them
• Simultaneous timers – If you go all in on time tracking, there can be situations when you need to track two things at once. For example: listening to podcasts while cooking dinner.
• Untracked time in Statistics – If you decide to track most of what you're doing, with this option you can see how much time is unaccounted for.
• Color-based approach – You can assign a specific color to each activity, which makes visualizations easy to grasp.
• Set start of the week – Sunday, Monday or any other day.
• Archive old timelines – Keep your list of activities current and relevant by archiving old timelines.
• Change Time format – Choose from hours and minutes, hours decimal; or days, hours and minutes.
• App badge - Timelines icon on your home screen can show a red badge when a time tracking is active.
• Filter projects visible on the timeline to drill down on specific ones or see them all at once.

Apple Watch app

With Timelines for Apple Watch, you can quickly start and stop timers directly on your wrist.
• Complication – Launch the watch app quickly and see timer progress directly on your watch face.
• Haptic feedback – Helps you build up the habit of using timers on the watch.
• Set event names using dictation, or choose from recent ones.
• Change start time and end time of timers with the digital crown.

Start taking control of your time today. It only takes a few days of tracking to start uncovering ways to maximize your time and productivity.

I love building Timelines, and a big part of my vision is to listen closely to users and incorporate their feedback. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to me at
– Lukas Petr, author of Timelines

Что нового

Версия 1.7.1

Make the best use of your time with Timelines. Update 1.7 brings these improvements:

• Events log
See a clear list of events with their start and end times, durations, full names, and notes. You can filter by timelines or search for any text. This is an alternative to the timeline view.

• Welcome screen - Added a hint of how to zoom on the timeline
• Reminders - inactive timer reminders now take into account changes to the last event
• Widget - Fixed occasional crashing
• Fixed rare bug of disappearing timelines list in the Apple Watch app
• Many other small fixes and enhancements.

Update 1.7.1 brings a slew of refinements and fixes:
• Fixed crash of the Widget when collapsed and a timer below is active
• Cells in Edit Event screen are now deselected when keyboard is dismissed interactively
• Fixed jumping up and down when typing notes in Edit Event screen
• Fixed visual glitch when the app comes to the foreground and centering on the present moment is active.
• Fixed simultaneous timer setting not being propagated to Today widget the first time it's set.
• Fixed centering on present moment upon rotation to landscape on iPhone X.

As always, I hope you enjoy this update. I've put a lot of work into it and I'm excited about the progress that has been made.
- Lukas, creator of Timelines

Оценки и отзывы



The app don’t sync live with Apple Watch. If you start timer on your watch in the app there’s no active tracker. The same if you start from the app :( btw in the ATracker there’s live syncing.

Ответ разработчика

I'm sorry to hear that you're not satisfied. Timelines doesn't have live syncing for technical reasons - it's much more reliable this way. It also saves battery on both devices. But I want to eventually re-evaluate this, and perhaps build a second "remote control" mode where the watch would merely show&control what's happening in the phone app. It would be a bit slower, but you'd see the active timers from the phone there.
- Lukas




Очень удобная программа для хронометража


Очень удобно, что есть виджет. Буквально одно нажатие, и время пошло. Потом заходишь в программу, можешь немного скорректировать: тоже очень удобно, интерфейс позволяет все делать очень быстро, с минимумом нажатий.


Lukas Petr
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