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The Innocents Abroad — Volume 05

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It is is an adventure book. When I last made a memorandum, we were at Ephesus. We are in Syria, now, encamped in the mountains of Lebanon. The interregnum has been long, both as to time and distance. We brought not a relic from Ephesus! After gathering up fragments of sculptured marbles and breaking ornaments from the interior work of the Mosques; and after bringing them at a cost of infinite trouble and fatigue, five miles on muleback to the railway depot, a government officer compelled all who had such things to disgorge! He had an order from Constantinople to look out for our party, and see that we carried nothing off. It was a wise, a just, and a well-deserved rebuke, but it created a sensation. I never resist a temptation to plunder a stranger's premises without feeling insufferably vain about it. This time I felt proud beyond expression. I was serene in the midst of the scoldings that were heaped upon the Ottoman government for its affront offered to a pleasuring party of entirely respectable gentlemen and ladies I said",We that have free souls, it touches us not.

The Innocents Abroad — Volume 05
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  • Бесплатно
  • Доступно на iPhone, iPad, iPod touch и компьютерах Mac
  • Категория: Боевики и приключения
  • Опубликовано: 21.04.1910
  • Издатель: Public Domain
  • Объем: 122 стр.
  • Язык: английский
  • Требования: Для просмотра книги необходимо устройство с iOS 4.3.3 или новее с установленным приложением iBooks 1.3.1 или новее. Также можно использовать компьютер Mac с установленным приложением iBooks 1.0 или новее и OS X 10.9 или новее.

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