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LA Spanish 2.6 (Swanson)

от Loyola Academy

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Описание курса

Loyola Academy

Course Outline 2013-2014
Course Title: Spanish 2-9

Instructor: Profesora Amanda Swanson
Phone: (847) 920-2580

Course Outcomes:
The focus of this course is on conversation, grammar, composition, and selected readings in Hispanic civilization. Following the first year language course, this is a more rigorous and fast paced course with high expectations in language abilities. This course is conducted in Spanish.

Once the material has been practiced, oral and written quizzes, unit tests, individual and group projects, and performances will be used to evaluate mastery of the material.

Teaching/Learning Strategies:
A variety of teaching methods will be implemented, including class participation, group activities, individual and group projects, technology projects, and teacher-led instruction to support, clarify, and enhance different learning styles. The Global Communication Center will be used for technology based activities and resources.

Textbooks & Materials (Every book! Every day!):

Student resources: Realidades 2 (Pearson/Prentice Hall)
Realidades 2 (Pearson/Prentice Hall)
  • Pearson E-TEXT (Downloaded Application)           
Realidades 2 Workbooks (Pearson/Prentice Hall)
  • Leveled Vocabulary and Grammar Workbook 1
  • Communication Workbook with Test Preparation 1
Teacher resources: Realidades Audio and DVD’s (Pearson/Prentice Hall)
                                   Bajo la Misma Luna (Rated PG-13)
                                   La Catrina (Video series)
Students will be required to bring the following materials to class: a place to take notes (iPad AND notebook), a folder specifically for Spanish class, a pen/pencil, and a red pen for homework corrections.
Students will complete chapters Para Empezar through chapter 7A.

Course Expectations:

1. AMDG- For the greater glory of God! Do your best to succeed everyday and bring glory to God, not only in your academic performance, but also in your behavior and attitudes towards others, relationships, and actions!

2. As men and women for others, please be respectful and kind to your teacher, classmates, and classroom.

3. Please be on time and prepared for class. (Seated when the bell rings!)

4. No food, drinks, or gum in class. Water in closable bottles is acceptable.

Grading System:

Semester Grade: Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 (80%), and Final Exam (20%)
Quarter Grade: Quarter grades are determined on a strict point basis, the total of which will approximate the percentages for the quarter grade.  The points are broken down into the following categories: 

Tests/Projects:             35%
Quizes/Compositions:  30%
Homework:                  20%
Participation:                15%

This class will follow the Loyola Academy grading system:
100-93 = A, 92-85 = B, 84-78 = C, 77-70 = D, Below 70 = F
Participation: Learning a language is about communicating with others! Participations is hugely important in this class and students are assessed daily. Students will be expected to communicate with their peers and with myself in Spanish as much as possible. My curriculum and classroom will be structured to maximize student participation. Student participation will be evaluated on being prepared for class (positive attitude and required materials), engagement in class activities, and effort to use the target language. Students will have opportunities to earn extra participation points by coming to see me outside of class and having a brief discussion in Spanish.
Homework Policy:

Approximately 10-30 minutes of homework is given on a nightly basis, in addition to any time spent on writing assignments and studying. Some assignments are due the next day, while projects may span several days. Homework is collected or checked at the beginning of class.  Outside of excusable circumstances, full credit will only be given to work that is complete and turned in on time. NO partial credit will be awarded and NO late work will be accepted.

If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to first check online for the posted assignment. The next step is to contact me (outside of class) or a reliable peer concerning the assignments given. For excused absences, students must make up work within the same number of days as the excused absence. If a student is absent for two days, they would have two days to make up the exam. If a student knows s/he is going to miss an upcoming class, s/he should see me in advance to receive assignments.

Two tardies and every additional tardy will result in a detention (JUG). Students are expected to be on time and in their seats when the bell rings.

Academic Dishonesty:
Each violation for academic dishonesty results in an automatic zero for that assignment, presentation, quiz or exam and an academic dishonesty report to the Dean of Students. Students are NOT ALLOWED to use computer translations. I will know if you use one, translators use vocabulary that is not relevant to our work and often to not translate properly. In addition, students may not represent anyone else’s work (such as workbook pages or projects) as their own. This includes using other students work, translation sites, using cell phones, or anyone/anything else to enhance your own work.  Please see pages 16 and 17 in the student handbook for further details.

No cell phones allowed in class! They will be confiscated and results in a JUG.


I am available for help before and after school as well as during 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 9th periods. Please try to speak with me ahead of time to schedule an appointment to receive help.
LA Spanish 2.6 (Swanson)
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  • Категория: Языки
  • Язык: испанский

Оценки покупателей

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