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3AM (In Beats We Trust)

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After escaping from the globalizing realm of Peter Gabriel's Real World studio via a three-year exploration of Colombia and subsequent fusion of the country's exotic salsa music with U.K. drum'n'bass on his debut album, More Grip, Richard Blair steps away from the dancefloor and returns to what at first appears to be traditional Colombian music. But Blair still carries with him quite a few lessons learned in the dance community. 3am: In Beats We Trust might star an eight-person Colombian band, but it is Blair's post-production mastery that adds a modern flavor to the traditional salsa music composed by bandleader Ivan Benavides. Each track, regardless of tempo or tone, carries Blair's hearty yet unobtrusive sub-bass as well as a variety of electronic percussion that supports yet never overpowers the acoustic drums in the foreground. The combined effect comes somewhat close to Jamaican dub in many places, although the elaborate vocals and classic Latin rhythms are far more intricate and complex. The addition of U.K. jungle MC Rubi Dan on "In the Beats We Trust" and "Walking" (the only two songs sung in English) completes the journey that goes from the original Latin premise of Sidestepper's music to the modern electronic realm via Rasta-saturated drum'n'bass. Sidestepper's music truly deserves to be called "fusion," as opposed to the typical "combination" found on most contemporary attempts at indigenous music.


Född: 17 juni 1965 i London, England

Genre: Världsmusik

Aktiva år: '00s

The project of British producer Richard Blair, Sidestepper fuses a Latin aesthetic with the late '90s electronic dance music aesthetic, resulting in a dancefloor-friendly hybrid that presents a refreshing alternative to the often formulaic sound of electronic dance music. Blair first fostered his passion for Latin sounds while living in Colombia. Later, once he moved to the U.K., he found substantial interest and influence in the fledging British club scene, driven by DJ-spun electronic dance music...
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3AM (In Beats We Trust), Sidestepper
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