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Sounding every bit like the bastard child of Elvis Costello and Aimee Mann, it's John Wesley Harding in full remastered form and glory. His quick wit, sly phrasing, and high melodies run rampant through Awake: The New Edition, which includes five extra tracks over the original, the last being a duet with Bruce Springsteen on "Wreck on the Highway." Harding is an original, through and through, in all respects. Have you ever heard anyone fashion a groove out of a lighter flick and match strike? He does just that on none other than "Burn," in which he tells his friend: "Make sure it's me up on the funeral pyre/Make sure the house band's playing 'Light My Fire.'" He's original, perhaps even a little odd, but never off the mark. He calls it like he sees it and his fans love him for it. For some reason, though, his fans are limited, as he's never really gotten the attention he deserves. Maybe Harding is too smart for the masses. He wouldn't be the first to suffer from such a syndrome and likely won't be the last. With 19 tracks to choose from, Awake: The New Edition is a fine entry into the world of Wes. Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride.


Född: 22 oktober 1965 i Hastings, East Sussex, England

Genre: Rock

Aktiva år: '80s, '90s, '00s, '10s

John Wesley Harding may take his name from a Bob Dylan album and be a modern-day folksinger, but with the biting, cynical observations in his songs and a sharp sense of humor combined with winning melodies, he shows that his true forefathers are Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe with a hint of Billy Bragg. Far from being a follower or strict revivalist, however, Harding draws on a wide assortment of musical influences, pushing the boundaries of the all-too-often formulaic singer/songwriter tag to create...
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Awake, John Wesley Harding
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