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CD Type Thing

Big Drill Car

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Big Drill Car's first full album, titled according to format á la Public Image Limited's 1985 release, is a quick (barely 24 minutes) blast of the catchy, fun pop/punk introduced on Small Block. While everyone does a fine job with the chunky tunes on display — nothing here will distress anyone who's loved such groups as Cheap Trick or, alternately, Green Day — Daly is pretty much the band's secret weapon. He's an emotive (but not emo) singer who avoids sounding either pointlessly macho on the one hand or unbearably wimpish on the other. Combined with his group's energetic rush, it makes for a good time all around. Guitarist Arnold knows his way around loud, hooky riffs; he throws in some soloing flash from time to time, but carefully avoids showing off in favor of keeping the song moving. "Diamond Earrings" shows off both Daly and Arnold's skills excellently, an inspiring chorus matched by the great feedback smash of the music. Those expecting new frontiers of music will not want to bother, but those who just want to kick out the jams and whistle while doing so will have a blast. Having All guitarist/labelmate Stephen Egerton helping on production duties makes perfect sense, but Big Drill Car are no clone, thankfully. Standouts include "No Need," with a killer chorus that lets Daly's abilities come to the fore, the unrestrained fun of "In Green Fields," and the concluding "About Us," cheekily quoting Patrick Swayze's miserable film vehicle Roadhouse. Rhythm section members Bob Thomson (bass) and Danny Marcroft (drums) keep up well with all the goings on, resulting in a good time listen one doesn't have to dig too deep into to love.


Genre: Alternativt

Aktiva år: '80s, '90s

The Huntington Beach, CA, band Big Drill Car blended pop, heavy metal, and punk years before Offspring and Green Day made it fashionable. Big Drill Car were unsung heroes of the Southern California punk scene, carving arena rock hooks as sharp as Cheap Trick's but with more ragged edges. Formed by Frank Daly (vocals), Mark Arnold (guitar), Bob Thomson (bass), and Danny Marcroft (drums), Big Drill Car released its debut LP, CD Type Thing, in 1989. The album's title actually varied with each format...
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CD Type Thing, Big Drill Car
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