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The Design

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Metalcore is not exactly known for its subtlety. Think of metalcore, and one thinks of harsh, ferocious, violent, skull-crushing, mercilessly dense bands that go directly for the jugular and do so without apology. As if all that weren't enough, Into the Moat is the type of metalcore band that adds the element of chaos to an already brutal concoction — and on Design, the Floridians' first full-length album, they show listeners the true meaning of the term "sensory assault." The thing that makes Design such a chaotic, hyper, and spastic outing is the way Into the Moat change tempos so often. The tempo changes are constant; they just keep coming and coming and coming, and for listeners, that means an album that is downright exhausting — which, of course, is exactly what Into the Moat had in mind. Design is not about nuance or musicality; again, this 2005 release is an exercise in sensory assault for the sake of sensory assault — and if listeners feel totally beaten up, Into the Moat have accomplished something they set out to accomplish. Anyone who complains about the harshness of this 32-minute CD misses the point entirely; complaining that Design is too harsh, too noisy, and too chaotic is sort of like complaining that there's too much sex in a Jenna Jameson movie. Into the Moat, of course, is hardly the only 2000s band specializing in what could be termed chaotic metalcore or spastic metalcore — the early to mid-2000s saw the rise of quite a few metalcore bands that are every bit as hyper as Into the Moat. And while Design isn't exceptional or mind-blowing, it's a decent (if slightly uneven) effort that is worth hearing if one has a taste for the extreme.

The Design, Into the Moat
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  • 99,00 kr
  • Genrer: Rock, Musik
  • Utgiven: 8 mar 2005


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