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So many electronica artists feel that they have to decide between being pleasant and being interesting that Lunchbox comes as something of a surprise. The music created by this Swiss-Brooklynese trio (Martin Baumgartner, Bruna Amstad, and DJ Olive) is unfailingly attractive and generally quite gentle, even as it deals in genuinely propulsive beats and grooves from unusual and sometimes downright exotic sound sources. Apparently in honor of the group's moniker, the individual tracks on the program are all named after items one might find in a lunchbox: "Bento Box," "Peanut Butter & Jelly," and "Little Fruit Juice," for example, as well as a few less likely candidates, such as "Jellyfish Roll" and "Crispy Duck." These titles tell you nothing at all about the music, of course, which is generally slow to mid-tempo with beats that alternate between gently rolling hip-hop (as on "Swordfish," which prominently features DJ Olive's subtly elegant turntablism), gently skanking reggae ("Rough Muffin," get it?) and gently jittery drum'n'bass ("Peanut Butter & Jelly"). Gentle it all may be, but none of this music is soggy or sentimental, and none of it will bore you even if you pay close attention. Highly recommended.


Bildades: 1994 i Berkeley, CA

Genre: Alternativt

Aktiva år: '90s, '00s, '10s

Lunchbox is an indie pop trio from Berkeley, CA, led by singer/songwriter and guitarist Tim Brown, along with bassist Donna McKean, and a revolving door of drummers, most notably Marty Kelly, Hugh Howie, and Jon Brahm. After forming in 1994, the trio released its self-titled debut on San Francisco's Not Happy label in 1996. Though that album was largely three-chord mod-pop in the tradition of early Jam records, by the time of their second album, 1998's The...
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Anyways, Lunchbox
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